Taraling Clan

The Taralings are a clan of the Colymar Tribe, located just north of the Orlmarth along the northern end of the Starfire Ridges. They were formed from the remains of the Lonisi clans, which were part of the Hyaloring Triaty. Originally they gave wives to the Narri and took them from the Enhyli. But in the 1420 the Narri made the Fish Marriage with the Pelaskings, and the Lonisi were affronted, breaking the unity of the Triaty and leading to the Taral War in which the Varmandi and the Hiordings slaughtered many of the Lonisi. In the wake of that slaughter, the clan was reformed as the Taralings.

The Taralings have been hostile to the Orlmarthings for a long time, ever since the Orlmarthing chieftain Ingulf the Troublemaker ridiculed them. When chief Orlstan of the Orlmarth attempted to complete his kingship rights to become king of the Colymar, the Taralings interfered magically and prevented him from completing the tests, and then fought against the Orlmarthings when they rebelled against the tribe. More recently, during the reign of Kenstrel Hendsson, the Taralings burned the stead of Eoric the Cat-Master and killed everyone inside. They have never paid compensation for this crime and so a state of feud exists between the two clans.

Until 1614, their clan chieftain was Leika Ballista, a staunch Vingan warrior who was elected Queen in 1612. She traveled to Snakepipe Hollow to conduct her Queen Test, and recovered the Jeweled Note. However, during her coronation, it was revealed that the Ring of Friendship had been stolen from her, and she was forced to step down and go into exile. She was succeeded, both as chieftain and as ruler of the Colymar, by Kangharl Kagradussson,

Other important members of the clan include Asbjorn Thrice-born, his wife Finna Finnsdottir,and Kallvale the Sow.

Many in the clan have begun to embrace the Lunar Way, including Kangharl’s bloodline. The Red Bear that roamed parts of the tula has been taken as a sign of the power of the Red Goddess. But the PCs slew the Red Bear and now keep its skin as a trophy in their clan hall in Old Man Village.

The Taralings are one of the three clans in the Runegate Triaty that rules Runegate, along with the Narri and the Enhyli . They are a prosperous clan.

They have enthusiastically supported the Duck Hunt..

Their wyter is the White Stallion. The worship of Doburdan the Good Storm God is beginning to spread among them.

The clan’s ring includes Kangharl as chieftain, Kallvale as Ernalda Woman, and Asbjorn as Champion.

The Taralings are allied to the Arnorings, the Hiordings, and the Narri.

Taraling Clan

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