Quackford is a modest town located on the southern edge of Colymar lands, on what used to be part of the Arnoring tula. It is located on the Stream, and is home to Sartar’s Bridge, which crosses the Stream. Sartar’s Bridge was built by Sartar and is sacred to him. It includes braziers that burst into fire when a descendent of Sartar passes by them, which they did when the PCs passed them.

Quackford was originally the Arnoring clan village. After the Lunar conquest of Sartar, the Lunars forced the Arnorings to surrender control of Quackford, thus depriving the clan of three of its bloodlines and much of its wealth. Now it is an independent town and growing thanks to the Lunar presence. However, thanks to the Duck Hunt, the duck residents of the town have either fled or gone into hiding.

It is just over a day’s journey from Old Man Village by boat.

It is home to the King’s Head Inn, where many of the remaining Sartarite residents tend to gather; the inn is owned by Ralf Silktongue. There is a small shrine to Orlanth and Sartar hidden in the basement.

The other inn, the Seven Stars, is clearly a Lunar inn.

It hosts a small temple to Ernalda and a shrine to the Seven Mothers.


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