Hiording clan

The Hiordings are called the Swan Clan because they are descended from Hiord and Safeela, a Swan Maiden. He stole her Swan Cloak and so she stayed with him for seven years and their children are the ancestors of the clan’s bloodlines. They later joined the Colymar tribe to gain protection from the Varmandi clan.

The Hiordings and the Orlmarthings have clashed repeated over the generations. Most recently, more than a generation ago, Chief Kirnan of the Hiordings slew Heodan of the Orlmarthings for wooing his daughter. Since then the two clans have clashed repeatedly during tribal moots and there are frequent cattle raids. Orlmarthings who wish to travel through Hiording lands are advised to visit Aslander Gunnarsson, who maintains somewhat better relationships with the Orlmarthings, and ask him for help arranging safe passage. He expects payment for this service.

Their clan chieftain is Skallagrim Grimsson. Their clan village is Swan. They are known to be closely allied with the Taralings.

They are known for the carpentry and woodworking skills, and because their clan still produces a few Swan Maidens.

Hiording clan

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