Enhyl Clan

The Enhyli are a Colymar clan located right on the Upland Marsh. They are known for their horse breeding and for their knowledge of glass-making. They worship Elmal as their chief god rather than Orlanth, but Humakt is also important to them, because they have much trouble with the undead of the Marsh, which is slowly encroaching on their tula.

They are part of the Runegate Triaty that governs the town, along with the Taraling clan and the Narri Clan. They are also allied to the Varmandi. When the Fish Marriage broke the unity of the Hyaloring Triaty and led to the Taral War, they supported the Lonisi against the Varmandi and the Hiordings, but were defeated. As a result, King Robasart of the Colymar was able to compel them to join his tribe.

Their chieftain is Garm the Red.Selelmal the True is a member of this claim, and many feel that his voice carries more weight that Garm’s does.

They decided to support the Duck Hunt, which led them into a conflict with their Marshedge neighbors in the Lismelder tribe. The Orlmarthings decided to raid them in Storm Season of 1613 as a way to take advantage of the Duck Hunt without actually hunting ducks. The raid succeeded to a modest extent. But it weakened the Enhyli, who had a great deal of trouble with the Undead afterwards. And they are now feuding with the Marshedge.

When the PCs approached the clan looking for information about the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, Garm declared that he had dreamt about standing guard at the wedding of Yaneg and Ernalda, and accepted as a peace offering a promise to fight against Delecti.

Enhyl Clan

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