The Ulfilings are the youngest bloodline of the Orlmarth clan. They are descended from Ulfilas the Wanderer, the third son of Ulfhelm the Curser, a thane of the Redleafs who accused his three sons of being shiftless layabouts and cursed them to be unlucky until they had done something worth talking about. The oldest son, Vengist, went out and became a Gagarth-worshipping bandit who murdered a priestess of Chalana Arroy. He plagued the clan for many years, and escaped from every trap laid for him. He is the reason that the Roofbeam is always plagued with bandits and outlaws. The second son, Ulric, worshipped Eurmal; he stole Uralda’s Milkpot from the Arnoring clan, claiming that he won it from them in a dice match, and brought it to the clan, and ever afterwards he was unable to lose at gambling. He is the reason that so many Eurmali are born to the Ulfilings. The youngest son, Ulfilas the Wanderer, worshipped Issaries. He traveled all the way to Pavis in Prax, made wise trades, and returned home much wealthier and with a beautiful wife, Cwynthrith Blackhair. (A secret known only to a half-dozen members of the clan, is that Cwenthryth was a member of the House of Sartar, so that the Ulfilings have royal blood and could try to claim the throne of Sartar.)

Ulfilas founded Luckstone Stead, so named because of a rock on which he painted the Luck rune. He always said that his luck would belong to his descendants and that they would find it three times in three different places.

One of Ulfilas’ sons, Ulfketil, established a second stead, Ulfketil’s Stead, where the junior branch of the bloodline resides. The residents of this stead are informally known as the Ulfketilings.

The bloodline’s previous headsman was Finn Ulfilingsson, who died just a few year ago. The current headsman is his son Fintan Finnsson, who is the father of Rahl Fintansson and brother of Finna Finnsdottir.

All the PCs are members of this bloodline (although Sindri has severed that relationship), as are Beornwynn Copperaxe and Gisli Blacksheep.

Unlike most bloodlines of the clan, the Ulfilings take their wives from almost any clan across Sartar, and are therefore the bloodline most likely to embrace new and unusual things. This often puts them at odds with the Redleafs, the most staunchly conservative bloodline in the clan.


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