Tarndisi's Grove

Tarndisi’s Grove is located deep in the Colymar Wilds. It is home to a powerful dryad named Tarndisi, as well as a god of wisdom, Nymie, who will reputedly answer one question that a person puts to him, provided that person can find Tarndisi’s Grove.

Every Colymar king traditionally undertakes a brief hero quest to Tarndisi’s Grove, to recreate the compact that Tarndisi formed with Colymar when he first led his people to this land.

The Orlmarthing know a secret greeting for the Aldryami that can make traveling to Tarndisi’s Grove easier.

In 1614, Sindri, Tryggvi, and Rahl traveled to Tarndisi’s Grove as part of the Hero and the Grove heroquest. They fought a group of ogres for Tarndisi and earned the right to speak with Nymie.


Tarndisi's Grove

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