Six Stones temple

The Six Stones temple is the most important temple to Humakt is Sartar. It is located in Swordvale. It is the center of the cult of Indrodar Greydog, and as such it is focused on dealing with the threat of the zombies of the Upland Marsh. All Humakti who train at the Six Stones temple are obligated to conduct at least one expedition into the Marsh at some point during their life.

The temple derives its name from Indrodar’s Necklace, a circle of six standing stones, located on the edge of the Upland Marsh on the Goodsword tula. Cult lore claims that the Necklace is a gateway to the Underworld.

The current chief priest of the temple is Farangelder the Honest.

Sindri, Yaneg, and Tryggvi started the Humakt, Raven, and Wolf quest here.

Six Stones temple

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