Orlmarth Clan

The Orlmarth (or Orlmarthings) claim to be the first clan to settle in Dragon Pass, and their list of chieftains goes back to the re-settlement of Sartar. They have provided many kings to the Colymar tribe over the centuries and are respected as one of the leading War clans in the tribe. Their feud with the Greydogs is legendary, and they have also feuded off and on with the Taralings, the Arnorings, and the Hiordings, although that last feud has recently been brought to an end. They are tightly allied with the Ernaldori and the Antorlings. They recently entered in an alliance with the Goodswords.

They have five bloodlines: the Hengistings, the Grettirings, the Coldsprings, the Redleafs, and the Ulfilings. In 1616, they agreed to adopt a small sixth bloodline, the Winterlings, who left the Arnorings when that clan converted to the Lunar Way.

The clan ring is currently as follows:
Chieftain: Gordanger Kenstrelsson
Ernalda Woman: Morganeth Whiteye
Lawspeaker: Snorri the Farsighted
Goodvoice: Godric Clevertongue
Plowman: Hrut Ramshead
Champion: Beornwynn Copperaxe
Trickster: Gisli Blacksheep

Hrut Ramshead originally on the ring as the Shepherd, but in 1611, Godric persuaded a majority of the ring that he was too stubborn, so he was replaced with Aldwulf as the Plowman. But in 1615, Hrut managed to get his old seat back, ousting Aldwulf.

The clan’s Storm Voice (Orlanth priest is Savan Thundermaker. Its Ty Kora Tek Woman is Old Nanny Tova. Its Asrelia Crone is Asdis Sharptongue. Its skald is Vingulf Vinkorlsson.Its redsmith is Hroald Sootface. Its blacksmith is Piku. Its Chief Weaponthane is Alric Dogsbane.

The clan’s treasures include the Woodpecker Staff, the Warbanner, the Torc of Rulership, Orlmarth’s Helmet, Orane’s Spindle, the Silver Ewe, Uralda’s Milkpot, the Summer Sword, Vestkarthan’s Fire, and the Wind Horn. The Illuvani are sometimes spoken of as a clan treasure as well.

The clan tula stretches from Illuvan’s Roofbeam and the Starfire Ridges in the west to the Nymie River in the east, and from the Trailing tula in the north to the Arnoring tula in the south. At the Roofbeam, the clan holds Voriof’s Sheepfold, where the Coldspring is located.. The Dragonewt Plinth theoretically lies on their tula as well, but the clan has never claimed it and avoids it whenever possible. The Cinder Pits lie on the west side of the tula as well. To the north of Old Man Village lies the Guardian Woods. On the southern side of the tula is the Lunar Slave Farm, which lies on lands that Kangharl and the Lunars confiscated from the Orlmarth. .

Orlmarth Clan

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