Myths and Quests

Nearly any myth can be quested, if the questers have enough knowledge of the myth. So players may propose questing any myth they know enough about. The following is a list of quests currently available (meaning the GM already has the quests available to run). Uses are the most common benefits people have gained from performing this quest, but others are possible as well.

All quests are by nature unpredictable, and may play out differently than the myth suggests especially if a myth is not fully known. Quests involving chaos are always less predictable than other quests, and may be more difficult than listed due to the unexpected nature of chaotic things. .

Easy Quests—these are quests that require best abilities in the 1W to 10W range. They are well-established quests, and their risks are mostly understood. Most participants return safely, even if defeated.

The Hero and the Grove: This re-enacts Colymar’s journey in the Wilds, where he met the Lady of the Wilds. It is primarily done by the Colymar.
Possible uses: speak with Nymie, acquire the ability to travel more easily in the Colymar Wilds (in addition to other uses), demonstrate the right to be king of the Colymar, learn secrets of hunting

Pilgrimage to Kero Fin: This is a traditional practice that re-enacts the journey of an early Heortling chieftain to Kero Fin, the place where Orlanth was born. It is widely done across Sartar and is considered a very easy quest.
Possible uses: acquire a new ally, acquire support to rule, acquire power over an element

Sounding the Horn of Alarm: Widely known by Heortling clans and performed by many novice heroquesters. It commemorates the brave Sounder, who alerted his clan to danger from Chaos during the Godtime.
Possible uses: acquire powers of alertness or seeing danger, acquiring a magical horn, traveling rapidly to Snakepipe Hollow, gaining aid against Chaos.

Ernalda’s Lovers: This quest has been performed by many Ernaldans to strengthen their marriage. It re-enacts Ernalda’s taking of many husband-protectors and affirms her union with Orlanth. It can be used to target a man who worships any of Ernalda’s husband-protectors.
Possible uses: strengthen a marriage, win support from husband-protectors, gain power over husband-protectors

The Garanvuli: This myth is known only to those clans who are descended from the Garanvuli, which include the Orlmarth. It tells the story of how Serias and Garan founded the Garanvuli. Both men and women can quest this, as Garan or as Serias.
Possible uses: gain power over wolves and dogs, gain a remarkable singing voice, bless a bloodline, gain fire powers.

Voriof the Clever Shepherd: this myth is widely known, with many variations. Among the Orlmarth, it is considered an easy but important quest, undertaken by the clan’s shepherds. The Coldsprings perform this quest every year.
Possible uses: gain the blessing of Ernalda for the quester, gain the power to find missing things.

Yinkin in the Whistling Caves: This is a quest often performed by Yinkin worshippers and, less commonly, by Orlanth worshipper.It is not hard, but it is quite dangerous; many Yinkini fail to return from it.
Possible uses: Gain the Nine Lives spirit, gain an alynx spirit, make friends with a hostile Orlanthi

Moderate Quests—these are quests that require best abilities in the 10W to 20W range. These are less frequently performed quests or quests with some real risk.

The Glory Ewe Quest: This is a myth known only to the Orlmarth; it re-enacts the actions of Hreidar Woolclipper, who acquired a marvelously fertile sheep, Mar Mardel the Glory Ewe.
Possible uses: acquire a marvelous ewe to increase the clan’s wealth; bless the clan’s sheep herds.

Voriof and the Dog-Killing Stones: This myth tells how Voriof became Orlanth’s shepherd and found a way to protect the flocks. The Orlmarth have performed this quest many times to make it harder for the Greydogs to steal their flocks.
Possible uses: Protect the flocks, acquire a magical tool or weapon, gain power over dogs and dog-like people.

The Forging of the Summer Sword: This myth has only recently been recovered and is known only to the Orlmarth. This myth has never been quested, so its true difficulty is unknown. It re-enacts Vestkarthan’s forging of the Summer Sword for Illuvan.
Possible uses: Reforging the broken Summer Sword without the curse; other uses are unknown, but it might bless the quester’s smithing skills or gain a magical sword.

Gustbran and the Tall Horses: Another myth known only by the Orlmarth, this myth has never been quested, so its true difficulty is unknown. It re-enacts Gustbran’s captivity among the Tall Horses and his escape.
Possible uses: unknown, but it might improve the quester’s smithing skills, gain a magical sword, or gain power over Praxians

Humakt, Raven, and Wolf: This quest re-enacts Humakt’s alliance with Raven and Wolf.
Possible uses: Gain the ability to find the dead, acquire a magical raven or wolf companion

Humakt and the Champion of Chaos: This quest re-enacts Humakt’s battle against a chaotic monster in Snakepipe Hollow.
Possible uses: help fight chaos, combat treacherous enemies, acquire the ability to see honor, help journeys to Snakepipe Hollow or other Chaos nests

The Birth of Babeester Gor: This re-enacts the birth of Babeester Gor and her bloody vengeance on those who had harmed her kinswomen. It is not clear if the Orlmarth know all the details of this quest.
Possible uses: gain power over kin-slayers, oath-breakers, or traitors, gain a magical axe, strengthen the quester’s combat abilities or Death magics, avenge a terrible crime

Orlanth and Aroka: This quest re-enacts Orlanth’s defeat of Daga, the god of Drought, by slaying Aroka the Blue Dragon and freeing Heler the Rain god.
Possible uses: end a drought, acquire power over dragons, acquire wind or rain-making powers, strengthen the quester’s combat abilities

Orlanth the Justice-Bringer: This quest re-enacts Orlanth bringing the Law Staff to the word and establishing the rules for justice in a lawsuit. This quest requires a journey to Arrowmound, several days west of Sartar.
Possible uses: resolve a law suit, gain the Law Staff, gain power over bandits, outlaws, and law-breakers, heal rifts within the clan, strengthen the quester’s Lawspeaking ability

Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe: This quest re-enacts Orlanth’s bringing together of many disparate clans to form a tribe. It is a well-known myth, frequently performed for political reasons. The Orlmarth clan has never performed this quest, however, so there may be elements to the myth the clan does not currently know. It can be performed vicariously, with the quester questing on behalf of another person; the Antorlings used to have their clan champion perform the quest on behalf of an Ernaldan chieftain.
Possible uses: create a new political organization, strengthen the unity of a clan or tribe, gain the Mastery rune, make the quester a stronger ruler, gain a piece of clan or tribal regalia..

The Kidnapping of Tarahelera: This myth is only known to the Orlmarth. It tells how Venebain the Lightfore kidnapped Tarahelera the Rain Goddess, and how Orlanth rescued her to please Ernalda.
Possible uses: Gain rain-making powers, gain power over Sky people, rescue a prisoner, win favor with a lover, become more seductive

Odayla Sleeps Back to Life: This myth tells how Odayla discovered the ability to hibernate and heal even death.
Possible uses: Gain the power to self-resurrect, gain powers of fire and warmth.

Hard Quests—These are quests that require best abilities at W2 or above. They are inadvisable without significant support, unless the quester has a good supply of Hero points or significantly higher scores. Many questers never return from these quests.

Ernalda Feeds the Tribe: This re-enacts Ernalda’s journey into the Underworld to help end a famine. This quest often requires self-sacrifice from the quester or her supporters.
Possible uses: end a famine, strength relations with the Aldryami, bless the clan’s herds or fields, acquire a treasure.

Ernalda and the Cleansing Earth: This re-enacts Ernalda’s effort to save her daughter, the Bright One, from the taint of chaos by seeking to learn the Six Cleansing Words. According to the Clearwine Temple, it is a very dangerous quest that many questers never return from. But Tryggvi found a different version of the quest in his Book of Myths, which may make the quest easier to perform.
Possible uses: Cleanse the taint of chaos from a target, gain the ability to cleanse chaos as a feat, gain a magical companion.

The Tower of Ivory: A well-known but dangerous Lhankor Mhy quest re-enacts his journey to the Tower of Ivory where he read the Scroll of Burning Light and looked out the Windows of the Four Quarters. This quest is known to pose dangerous temptations for sages
Possible uses: learn Words of Power, gain knowledge of the world, see something far away, learn a lost fact, acquire power over dragons, acquire a draconic treasure.

The Hill of Gold: This quest re-enacts Orlanth’s journey to the Ice Queen’s Palace to gain her aid against the Winter Giant.
Possible uses: acquire a magic weapon, successfully woo a wife, make a new ally, strengthen a group of supporters politically, acquire power over Yelmalions or Darkness

Babeester Gor Rescues the Goddesses: This quest re-enacts Babeester Gor’s rescue of the earth goddesses by slaughtering the gentle residents of Healing Valley. While parts of the quest are not challenging, the key conflict holds considerable risks.
Possible uses: Rescuing a prisoner, gaining a power or allied spirit from an earth goddess, bringing someone back from the dead, gaining the ability to self-resurrect.

How Orlanth Conquered the Stars This quest re-enacts Orlanth’s journey into the Sky, where he fought Jagrekriand and Sh’harkazeel and forced the Star Lords to acknowledge his superiority. It is not clear if the Orlmarthings know all the details of this quest.
Possible uses: gaining power over bats, gaining power over Solar enemies, gaining power over dragons, gaining a Rigsdali spirit.

Heroquest Secret: The Orlmarth heroquesting Secret is We Know the Ways of Fate. Once during any heroquest, a PC can invoke the Secret to understand the consequences of a choice they face. This makes the Orlmarth slightly better at heroquesting when they get lost or run into an unexpected questing situation.

Myths and Quests

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