The Konthasos are a clan of the Colymar. Their clan tula is located to the east of the Ernaldori tula, and their land is remarkably good for viniculture. So they are famous for producing the best Clearwine in all of Sartar. Because of the importance of vineyards and wine-making, the clan has traditionally been very reluctant to engage in warfare. So they are known for being very cautious and opposing violence. They are a Peace Clan, and worship Ernalda much more than Orlanth. They are quite wealthy. They have a shrine to Esrola.

Their clan claims descent from Aelfmar, the youngest son of Old Man Colymar, and his wife Ornalda Vinedottir, who quested to take Flamal as a lover and brought back the secrets of cultivating Clearwine grapes.They have tended to have female chieftains. King Barngradus Farnansson was from the Konthasans.

Their chieftain is a woman, Vigundis Winedancer. Ingund the White, a notable Chalanan healer, sits on the Colymar tribal ring. Ildavu Wine-Merchant, the proprietor of the White Grape Inn at Clearwine Fort is a member of this clan.

They are allied with the Antorlings, the Ernaldori, the Zethnorings, and a Balmyr clan.

They are currently feuding with the Antorling clan. The Konthasos refuse to permit the Antorlings to use their shrine to Esrola. Recently the Antorlings cursed the Konthasan vineyards.


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