Humakt and the Champion of Chaos

During the Great Darkness, Humakt learned that there was an army of chaos marching toward Orlanth’s stead, and Orlanth was not around to fight it. So he armed himself with Death, his sword, and Truth, his shield, and set off to confront the army. Along the way, he met Uleria, who sought to turn him from his grim task, but he rejected her and continued on his way.

In the ensuing battle, Humakt slew 1,000 of the enemy, and was coated in their blood. Finally, he faced the Champion of his enemies, and this monster carried axe and spear. The Champion, Humakt noticed, was not blood-slicked, for he was either weak or cowardly.

The Champion charged and created wheels of spines and fire from its heels. Humakt cut the spokes of the wheels with Death and smashed Truth into the Champion’s face. The Champion bit with axe and stabbed with spear. Humakt parried both these blows and took a different stance when the Champion formed new legs and became a draconic thing. It poured fire down on Humakt, and the god was forced to crouch behind Truth as the flames lapped around him. Humakt then snatched up the spear, which the Champion had dropped when it changed form, and using his Leaping Magic he jumped high and wide and came down on the creature’s head plunging the spear into its brain and driving Death into its throat. Then Humakt slid down the monster’s body, opening the thing from tongue to testicles.

The Champion lay panting and bleeding at Humakt’s feet, a weakened, septic thing. “You have killed gods and men, “ Humakt said. “I offer you a fast way to Hell now. Accept it and you will die with honor even though you did not fight with it.”

The Champion raised its head and tried to spit poison at Humakt. He cut the creature’s head from its body and the brains from its head. The thing died then and shriveled into what we know now as Snakepipe Hollow.

Later when Humakt returned to Orlanth’s Stead to recount his deeds, he told all that Chaos cannot be trusted and has no honor. “It fights with tricks and poison, even though it carries weapons. It does not accept its fate when delivered unto it and changes its nature constantly to avoid the inevitable. Chaos cannot be trusted.”

Orlanth’s people learned a new lesson that day and fought Chaos differently from then on.

Humakt and the Champion of Chaos

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