Goodsword clan

This is one of the clans of the Lismelder tribe, founded by Indrodar Greydog. They are famous for the skill of their many warriors, including a large number of Humakti.

Their tula is centered on Swordvale, and is home to the Six Stones temple, the most important temple to Humakt in Sartar.

Their chieftain is Thanos.

Among their other members are Casiandra, Salyn, Borin Blackpaw, Eorkin Goosefeather, and Salokin

Although they have traditionally been friendly toward the Greydogs, several years ago, Killer Branduan offended Thanos by killing a guest at Thanos’ Hall. As a result, Thanos chose to ally with the Orlmarth.

Goodsword clan

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