Ernaldor Clan

The Ernaldori are the most populous and wealthiest clan of the Colymar. Their tula includes both Clearwine Fort and Clearwine Temple, and its lands are some of the most fertile in Sartar.

The clan is one of the original five clans of the Colymar tribe, and claim descent from Old Man Colymar’s daughter Olane Earthfriend. It was she who discovered the holy place of Ernalda on the land and founded the Clearwine Temple.

This clan is closely allied with the Orlmarth. The two clans regularly intermarry, and the current Chieftain Baranthos, is married to Kendestra Kenstrelsdottir, the sister of Gordanger. Yaneg and Yanioth are related to the Ernaldori through their mother, Leifa Clearwater. Leifa and her husband, Ulfin, were killed in 1605 during the Hartfall Massacre, when a group of Lunars slaughtered the entire Hartfall Stead on the Ernaldori tula. Many in the clan still crave vengeance for this event, and it became a major reason they supported Starbrow’s Rebellion.

The most important person in the clan at the moment, even more important than Baranthos, is Yanioth Brandgorsdottir, the High Priestess of Clearwine Temple.

Tykorth Longspear belongs to the Ernaldori.

One of their bloodlines is the Clearwaters

Ernaldor Clan

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