Birth of Babeester Gor

This myth is only partially known to the Orlmarthings; this is the version known to men. There may be additional details known only to women.

When Ernalda slept a chaotic being named Ramponax came to prey upon her slumbering body, to take her fertility for its own. But when he came to her, Babeester Gor came forth with the weapon called Death, forged into an axe of copper. She castrated Ramponax, who fled before she could kill it.

Furious, Babeester Gor slew all those who watched her violent birth without doing anything. Next, she sought out those who had turned on their own kin—fathers who killed sons, brothers who had killed sisters, and so on. She brought death to all of them. Then she hunted down the oath-breakers, those who had pledged to help her mother when the Great Darkness overtook everything and then went against their oaths. She seized each one in turn and cut off his hand and fed it to him, as a reminder that every oath is sustenance and every oath is binding. Next she sought out the traitors, those who betrayed the Earth Tribe through their actions. Babeester Gor found those who had become traitors and used her axe to teach them new forms of loyalty that they would not so easily betray.

When she was done, she wept, for there was nothing left to kill. All around her was death and the blood she had spilled, enough to create whole oceans. So she gathered her trophies of her kills: ears, scalps, noses, teeth, genitals. Then she fashioned things to wear from them. Then she went to her mother’s house and stood guard at its door, axes in hand, trophies decorating her body, waiting for anything living that might come seeking death, which she would gladly deliver.

Birth of Babeester Gor

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