Arnoring Clan

The Arnoring clan occupies the lands to the south of the Orlmarth tula. They are one of the five original clans of the Colymar, formed after Old Man Colymar declared that his clan had grown too large. They claim descent from Arnor Cleverhands, known for his skill at pottery, woodworking, and many other crafts. Kings Kagradus Colymarsson, Harnkorl Orstanorsson, Robisart Broyansson, Jostharl Dangmagsson, and Dangmet Jostharlsson all came from this clan.

Located as they are along the Stream, their clan soon prospered from trade and eventually founded a settlement at Quackford. After a brief conflict with the Ducks, the Arnorings made a peace deal that allowed the Ducks to settle in Quackford, and around 1400, their chieftain agreed to adopt a family of Ducks into the clan, resulting in the establishment of a Duck bloodline.

When Sartar came, he replaced the old ford, which often flooded, with a stone bridge, known as Sartar’s Bridge. This enhanced trade across the river with Sun County and the Locaem Tribe.

They have been hostile to the Orlmarthings ever since Ulric Ulfhelmsson stole Uralda’s Milkpot from them a century ago. In the 1560s, the two sides tried to reconcile with the marriage of the Arnoring chieftain Thyazzi Goatkiller to Hilda Orlgandisdottir, the daughter of the Orlmarth chieftain. But the marriage was a contentious one, Hilda lost an eye in a riding accident, and when Thyazzi repudiated her, it led to the One-Eye War, in which the Orlmarthing warriors put out one eye of every Arnoring warrior they defeated.

After the Lunar conquest of Sartar, the Lunars forced the clan to relinquish control of Quackford, which had been their clan village. Since then, the clan has struggled to regain its footing because it has lost three of its bloodlines and much of its wealth. Armin’s Stead is quickly become the new clan village.

The clan is famous for its pottery. Its chieftain is Armin Pot-thrower.They are allied with the Taralings, the Hiordings, and the Konthasos.

They opposed the Duck Hunt, and have been pleased to see that the Orlmarthings have generally opposed it as well.

In 1615, Asta brokered a tentative peace deal between the Arnorings and the Orlmarth. As part of the deal, the Arnorings agree to send potters to the Orlmarth clan market day, and Armin’s wife has agreed to provide magical support for a major ritual of the Orlmarth’s choosing. In return the Orlmarth have agreed to allow the Arnorings passage along the clan tula for trade purposes.

In Earth Season of 1616, this market deal went disastrously wrong. Armin brought Dargol Clayhands along, hoping that the fact that Dargol’s uncle had killed a Hengisting years previously would provoke a confrontation that he could use to resolve the feud. It nearly succeeded, until Tryggi realized that Armin had planned the whole confrontation. When he said as much, Alric Dogsbane and Enderin Dragonslayer declared they would never accept any compensation except blood.

Realizing that he had badly miscalculated, Armin chose to lead his clan into the worship of the Red Moon. Shortly after that, Bornwulf Bornhelmsson left the clan, along with his kin, and helped the PCs steal the Wind Horn. At the moment, the clan has only three bloodlines.

Arnoring Clan

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