Armin Pot-Thrower

Chieftain of the Arnorings


Armin Pot-Thrower is the chieftain of the Arnorings. He is a master pot-maker and a worshipper of Issaries. His wife is a devotee of Roitina the Ceremonialist and a member of the Colymar tribal ring. They live at Armin’s Stead, which is becoming the new clan village of the Arnorings. He is foster-father to Godfreya Spacklewing, a duck.

He is a cautious and shrewd man. His clan is a very difficult position at the moment, low on wealth and morale, and weak in war, but strong in magic and with many good relationships with other clans. He knows that he needs to be careful in making use of the few assets he has available to him.

In 1616, he concluded a tentative deal to began resolving the feud between his clan and the Orlmarthings, which involved establishing a seasonal market-day on their tula and granting the Arnorings the right to travel safely across the clan’s pathways. If any violence arises from this, it is to be adjudicated by Yanioth Brandigorsdottir. He also warned the PCs that Erianda the Red was planning on stealing a clan treasure from the Orlmarthings.


Armin Pot-Thrower

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