To Stand Against the Red Moon

Taking Enderin to Swordvale

Fire Season 1613

Tryggvi, Sindri, and Asta were asked by Gordanger to escort his son Enderin to Swordvale to woo Thanos’ daughter Salyn, since Thanos had indicated that he might be open to such an alliance.

The PCs and Enderin started across the Roofbeam, but discovered that the Dragonewt Plinth was glowing and making a strange sound. Asta tried to influence it with her Earth magic, but only succeeded in causing two dragonewts to suddenly appear (prompting characters to speculate that perhaps the dragonnewts use the plinths to travel). A fight ensued during which Enderin killed the smaller dragonewt and Sindri the larger one. Remember that he had heard something about making armor from dragonewts, Sindri skinned both of them and gave the heads to Enderin. Tryggi acquired a living sunflower from the smaller newt.

At Swordvale they helped Enderin court Salyn, who seemed disinterested in him. That evening, she disappeared from the hall. An investigation eventually revealed that she might have fled to a forgotten temple of Babeester Gor. Asta went into the old temple and found Arda Wombguard attempted to initiate Salyn into the worship of Babeester Gor. Asta was able to persuade Salyn to not intervene and the two left, with Arda swearing her hatred of Asta.

Back at Swordvale, Salyn underwent her adulthood rituals and emerged a confident young woman, who seemed to accept the possibility of her betrothal to Enderin.

Back at Old Man Village, one dragonewt skull was placed in the shrine to Orlanth, while the other was placed in the clan hall.



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