To Stand Against the Red Moon

A Quest for the Antorlings

Fire Season 1616

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi concluded that they needed to perform the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest to help their Antorling kinsmen, so they spoke to various people seeking information about the quest. Cwenalda agreed to tell them about the clan’s history with the quest, despite her bitterness toward the Antorlings. Freywolf Strongbreath, the chieftain of the Enjossi, was eager to make friends with the Orlmarth because his clan is now half Lunar. He sent Gordanger a salmon as a gift.

Ingund the White and Minaryth Purple both gave them general points about heroquesting.

Skallagrim of the Hiordings sought to negotiate trade and travel rights in exchange for what his clan knew, but the two sides could come to an agreement. The PCs realized that, as a supporter of Kangharl, he might be uncomfortable with the PCs doing this quest, because it could potentially be used to unset Kangharl.

Their kinsman Asbjorn Thrice-born gave them information about the question, and asked them to kill the Red Bear as payment for his help.

Garm the Red, the chieftain of the Enhyli received them with surprising friendliness, declaring that he had dreamed of standing guard at Yaneg’s marriage to Ernalda. The Enhyli agreed to forgo their anger over the raid in exchange for a promise to help weaken Delecti, and Garm gave them information about the quest as well.

Vestorfin Tribute-taker of the Black Spears was impressed that they were seeking to help another clan this way, and told them what he knew of the quest without asking anything in return.

Armed with the wyters of the Orlmarth and the Antorlings, the three of them started the quest, only to discover that the Clan-Making Stone, the traditional spot to start the quest, was also the stone that Rangoon had been sacrificing sheep to his chaotic god. So they start at the clan hall instead. They had trouble entering the quest until Lumpy suddenly died.

During the quest, they were forced to rescue Esra from a chaotic monster and had to recover Ernalda’s Chest of Treasures from Gagarth the Wild Hunter. They triumphed over the Night Clan, although Yaneg chose not to make a hero quest challenge.

When they returned, Maelwynndeclared that she was not a skilled leader and stepped down. The remnant of the ring selected Ragnar the Plowman to lead them.



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