To Stand Against the Red Moon

A Mission from Yanioth
Earth Season 1617

The PCs discussed the situation with the Enjossi clan with Gordanger and Snorri. Both agreed that the PCs had weakened the Lunar position a little, but Gordanger pointed out that Kangharl was likely to be upset about the loss of an ally. Snorri pointed out that the death of Henkist would create an open seat on the Tribal Ring. He suggested that perhaps Orkansakt might be a suitable candidate for Goodvoice, since as a shaman he spoke for the spirits.

Yanioth Brandigorsdottir summoned the PCs to Clearwine Temple. She congratulated them on succeeding more than she had expected. She laid out a plan in which Armin Pothrower would take over the Goodvoice seat, which would force his wife off the ring. She wanted Soranna Fieldsdottir to step into the Ernalda All-wise seat, which would require Howling Aethelmaer off the ring and create an opening for Orward Truesword to take over the Uroxi seat. The result would be the net removal of one Lunar from the ring, as well as the removal of the unstable Aethelmaer. She wanted the PCs to go to the Narri and persuade Soranna to accept that.

They went to the Narri Tula and spoke with Baranraed, who explained that his clan was divided between supporters of his, supporters of Grimcarl, and those who felt both were less than ideal as chieftain. He asked for their support. Soranna somewhat uncertainly agreed to Yanioth’s proposal. Gisli used his Convincing Lie ability to strengthen rumors that Grimcarl was part of a Lunar plot to force Yrnar Horsebreaker out of the chieftaincy. Later, Gisli told Garm the Red that he had seen Grimcarl murder and cannibalize a baby.

Veslmus went out onto the Narri Tula at night as a bear. She saw a star fall from the sky and when she investigated, she saw a handsome glowing man bathing in the pool of water. The man, Yaren of the Fire From On High Clan, courted her and they had sex. The next morning he was gone. Morganeth told Veslmus that she had a life within her. Snorri told Veslmus that the Narri had some sort of story of a star captain coming to their tula, although he didn’t know the details.

The Enjossi
Earth Season 1617

Yanioth Brandigorsdottir summoned the PCs to Clearwine Temple. While waiting for her, they talked with Kullasta, a Varmandi Ernalda that Yanioth had also summoned. She recognized Yaneg and Yanioth and explained that she knew their father Ulfin, and was at Hartfall Stead just before the Massacre. She asked why they had never avenged him or their mother. She knew that the guards who killed them were members of Oslira’s Own, a river unit that was patrolling the Nymie River.

Yanioth chewed them out for castrating Yrnar Horsebreaker, explaining that they had disrupted her plans to keep the clan from embracing the Lunar Way. They revealed to her that they are descendants of Sartar.

At Clearwine Fort, they found Arim Half-hand, a member of that unit, who has become a drunk. They questioned him and discovered that his captain, Kazkurum, took possession of Ulfin’s Sword but was killed by Orward Moonsword, the Enjossi champion.

At the Enjossi Tula, they confronted Orward, who was a Lunar, and despiteCwenalda Brownhare’s maneuvering, Yaneg persuaded him to abandon the Lunar Way.

Then Henkist Coin-in-Hand confronted them, using an Issarion feat to make himself extremely persuasive. Tryggvi debated him and won such a complete victory that Henkist dropped dead.

Vengeance for Tyrelia
Late Fire Season, 1617

Yanioth was approached by Askora Asmundsdottir who demanded vengeance for the death of her sister Tyrelia, who she said was killed by her husband Yrnar Horsebreaker, the chieftain of the Narri clan. He struck her during an argument and she fell down. A few days later, she died, despite efforts of Ernaldans to heal her.

Yanioth and Veslmus visited Clearwine Temple and spoke to Erannina Chan, the chief Babeester Gori there. Askora had approached her to avenge Tyrelia, but Yanioth Brandgorsdottir refused to allow her to avenge Tyrelia.

Tryggvi and Yaneg visited the Narri and spoke with Yrnar and the clan ring. Yrnar refused to explain what had happened, but there were indications that the clan’s law speaker and Ernalda Woman did not feel that he had done anything wrong. There were suggestions that she had been accused of committing adultery. But Yrnar had sworn the two to not speak of what had happened. Eventually Yrnar allowed Tryggvi to see what had happened, but swore him to not speak of what he saw. Tryggvi came away convinced that Yrnar had not done anything wrong.

Yanioth, however, was not persuaded and demanded to fight Yrnar. Yrnar prayed for Ernalda’s protection, but he lost the fight and was castrated and declared unfit to serve as chieftain. Askora was unsatisfied, wanting him dead.

Veslmus in the Underworld
Fire Season 1617

After researching the Odayla Sleeps Back to Life heroquest, Veslmus began the quest on Fox Rite Day. He and Gordanger were placed in the clan’s Odayla Cave and Veslmus crossed over, in the process releasing what Old Nanny Tova said was the Wind of the Underworld, which would allow dead things to come back to life.

Veslmus met a mysterious ‘grandfather’ with a black spear who acted as a guide and companion during the journey. He crossed the Plains of Dust and then came to the Styx, where he had to surrender his Eye for the Weather to Jeset the Ferryman to cross over. He came to the Nightwood and rescued Hedgehog from a skeletal fox-thing. Hedgehog taught him the words to say to the Judge of the Dead in order to come back to life.

Then he was captured by the Dead Earth Witch, who trussed him in a net and dragged him back to her stead. He found a Dead Ember, blew it back to life, and used it to burn his way out of the net. While climbing his way out of the stead, he unintentionally brought a long-tailed bird back to life with the Ember. Then he confronted his prey animals and showed them that he was still a hunter.

On his way to Haran Vor, a strange mouth attempted to swallow him and spit out an bizarre six-legged monster at him, but he escaped the mouth and drove off the creature. At Haran Vor, the grandfather left him, but he found the banquet of his ancestors and was greeted by a man and woman who called him their great-grandson. They gave him a blessing and told him that a time of great risk and opportunity for great deeds and perhaps a great marriage was coming.

He met the Judge of the Dead and saw his best and worst deeds. Then he showed the judge that he was not dead by proving that he could dream. He woke back in the Mundane world. Gordanger was substantially healed, but Veslmus had become a woman, having birthed the chieftain back to life. A long-tailed bird was seen on the tula afterwards.

Meanwhile Tryggvi and Yaneg fought a resurrected Red Bear and killed it before it could get too powerful, and then fought two of the Dancers of Darkness, servants of Delecti the Necromancer.

Seeking Information
Fire Season 1617

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi spent some time seeking information about the Odayla Sleeps Back to Life quest. They spoke with Arthrwn Pawfoot, who told them the basic form of the myth, but he knew nothing about performing it as a quest. He suggested speaking to Erninga Three-Strike and Hartkos the Bearwalker. Snorri suggested visiting the Jonstown Library to find information about how the quest had been performed in the past.

They went to see Tykorth Longspear, an Odaylan cousin of Yaneg and Yanioth. He told them that the quester had to perform it alone and unarmed, since everyone goes into death alone and unarmed. He suggested that Fox Rite Day might be a good time to perform the quest, since it involves hunting unarmed. He warned them that Hartkos was very antisocial.

Then they went to the Black Spears. Vestorfin Tribute-Taker persuaded them to swear an oath that if the Black Spears rose against Kangharl, then the Orlmarth would support them. In exchange for that promise, Erninga told them the version of the myth that she knew. She emphasized that it was important for the quester to reinforce and maintain his connection to his clan. She said that if he could find his ancestors’ table in the City of the Dead, it might be possible to get a blessing from them.

Then they went to Jonstown and Tryggvi found information about a Dinacoli quester who had performed the quest two centuries ago to resurrect the dead king of the Dinacoli. She birthed him back to life as her cub. He returned with a bear spirit and reclaimed his throne, killing the men who had murdered him. They also spent some time seeking news and gossip in Jonstown.

Then they took a duck boat down the Creek to the Pelasking tula. After a brief meeting with the chieftain, Maermor Spearfisher, they found Hartkos’ stead in the Stael Hills. He ignored them for several days, but finally agreed to tell them his version of the myth.

The Vostangi Trial
Sea and Fire Season 1617

Having returned from the the Lawstaff Quest, Tryggvi, Yaneg, and Veslmus debated where to conduct the court, eventually asking Garm the Red to host it at the Enhyli village. They summoned Bofrost, who eventually arrived with the Hillhaven Lawspeaker, Bolmer Eye-of-Justice, Killer Branduan, and others.

Bolmer argued that there was no evidence that the Vostangi had given their claim to Yaneg, but then the Vostangi ghosts suddenly entered the hall, unnerving the Hillhavens. Bolmer then argued that the dead cannot transmit claims to the living, but Yaneg masterfully out-argued them. Tryggvi’s ruling was complete; the Hillhaven lands and goods were to be given to the Orlmarth as compensation for the slaughter of the Vostangi. Yaneg offered to gift them back to the Hillhaven in return for a significant annual tribute that substantially improves the Orlmarth’s financial situation. The Vostangi Trial will quickly become the stuff of legend, since Rahl composed a poem about it.

In Fire Season, a mysterious fever spread through the clan, weakening almost everyone except Veslmus, who was sent to the Konthasos tula to seek the help of Ingund the White. She was able to alleviate the symptoms, but they always returned, leading her to think it was something more spiritual. Yaneg discovered that the Venebain demons were trying to escape from the Cinder Pits, and indeed they did. The clan was able to defeat them.

It was realized that the previous year’s ritual to keep the Venebain demons imprisoned had failed because it was improperly performed. Gordanger agreed to perform the Battle of Thrinbarri Clouds quest to re-imprison the demons. He succeeded, but returned from the quest badly burned.

Hrut and Morganeth approached the PCs and suggested that Gordanger would probably have to step down as chieftain. The two obvious candidates to replace him are Yaneg and Enderin. Hrut and Morganeth argued that Enderin would be likely to prosecute the feud with the Arnorings, which would bring the Orlmarth into direct conflict with the Lunars and perhaps Kangharl. He would also be the fourth chieftain in a row from the Hengistings, which they considered inappropriate. So they felt that Yaneg ought to make a serious bid to become the chieftain of the clan.

The Lawstaff Quest
Sea Season 1617

Tryggvi performed the Orlanth the Justice-Bringer quest with the assistance of Yaneg, Yanioth, and Veslmus.

They departed from Old Man Village and cut through Ernaldori territory. They were warned that Quackford had been returned to the control of the Arnoring clan and was now hostile territory for them. They were told that Kangharl had sent Darsten Black Oak and the Black Oak Troop to Quackford. So they skirted Quackford by going through Sun Dome Country.

At Duck Point, they met Godfreya Spacklewing, who gave them some advice for getting through Beast Valley. They got to Ash Anvari and met up with Woodcutter the Centaur, who guided them through Beast Valley and persuaded other centaurs not to kill them.

They crossed the Creek-Stream River at Centaur Ford and met Sora Goodseller at Shady Tree. She gave them advice on how to travel through the Grazelands. As they traversed the Grazelands, they were intercepted by Yaranraste Burning Hoofprint, who escorted them to Rich Post, where they met Eneera the Horse-Priestess. After much debate with her, she agreed to accompany them to Arrowmound, or as she knew it, Fire Mountain.

Along the way, they were confronted by another Grazelander leader who was accompanied by Darsten Black Oak and the Black Oak Troop, who claimed that the PCs were evil sorcerors trying to raise dead kings and cause strife. They persuaded Eneera that this was a lie and she forced the noble to back down.

As they passed through the Vale of the Green Dragon, they realized that the range of hills they saw before them was actually the Green Dragon. But they steeled themselves and continued on to Arrowmound, which they climbed, arriving at Jarani’s Stead inside the myth.

They met Jarani and were feasted by him. They gambled with a mysterious stranger and won a gold necklace (which later turned out to be dried flowers) and a dagger that could be used for striking from surprise. They pledged to help Jarani against Gagarth, and Tryggvi swore an oath on the Horn of Truth.

The next day they sacrificed to Orlanth and Tryggvi swore the Lawstaff Oath. Gagarth appeared in a roiling cloud of skeletal warriors, supported by Darsten Black Oak. Tryggvi declared a judgment for Jarani, but Gagarth refused to accept it and asserted the right of violence. The next day, the PCs fought Gagarth’s Wild Hunt, and then Tryggvi confronted and defeated Gagarth himself. They feasted with Jarani and then returned to the Middle World, making their way back to Duck Point.

Ghosts of the Ridge
Sea Season 1617

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Veslmus were patrolling the Starfire Ridges when they were confronted by what turned out to be the ghosts of the Vostangi. The Vostangi demanded vengeance for their deaths centuries ago at the hands of Mad Ovad, a chieftain of the Hillhavens back during the Settlement Period. They claimed that he had summoned chaotic spirits of disease to destroy them. The PCs somewhat reluctantly accepted the obligation to perform vengeance.

After discussion with Gordanger, Snorri, and Tryggvi, it was clear there were two options: open warfare or a lawsuit with the PCs as the plaintiffs acting on behalf of the Vostangi. Warfare seemed unwise, given the fact that the Hillhavens are known for their spirit magic. A lawsuit would have to be heard by Kangharl (who is hostile to the Orlmarth), Thanos (who is likely to be biased toward the Hillhavens), Temertain (who would probably have to be bribed heavily to give a favorable ruling), or a holder of the Lawstaff.

The PCs went to Jonstown to find Minaryth Purple, the only known living holder of the Lawstaff. He turned out to not be present, but Tryggvi was able to find some info about the quest in the Jonstown Library.

While they were there, Yaneg found Muirwynn Lovejoy and asked her about the gossip she had heard, and Tryggvi found Sora Goodseller and did the same. Then they discovered that Gisli was missing. They gradually tracked him down, discovering that he had purchased an expensive necklace, wooed a young woman to marry him, and commissioned a substantial feast, using his Lie ability to get people to agree to accept payment from Yaneg. With some trouble, they were able to extricate themselves from the debts and dragged Gisli back to Old Man Village, threatening to have Yanioth castrate him. But he talked his way out to that punishment, with Yaneg agreeing to tie him up and have people throw vegetables at him while Yaneg was off on the quest for the Lawstaff.

At a clan meeting, Enderin objected to the idea of doing a quest, and argued for open warfare. But Yaneg convinced the clan to support Tryggvi’s performance of the quest.

The Winterlings
Storm Season 1616

The clan debated whether to adopt Bornwulf and his kinsmen. Although the Redleafs opposed it, eventually it was decided to adopt them as carls and give them the poor land at the north end of the tula that used to be Eoric Cat-Master’s Stead before the Taralings burned it. Bornwulf’s kin became the newest and smallest bloodline, the Winterlings.

Then it was time to re-enact the defeat of Venebain the Lightfore at the Battle of Thrinbarri Clouds, which helps ensure that the Sky Demons remain trapped in the Cinder Pits. Savan Thundermaker was too ill to perform the ritual, so Gordanger did it instead. The ritual requires Gisli to be dressed up as Venebain and humiliated before an effigy of Venebain is thrown into the Cinder Pits, but Gisli was nowhere to be found. So instead, Veslmus agreed to wear the costume and endure the taunting.

Yaneg took some heat for not keeping Gisli in line. Gisli insisted that he hadn’t gone anywhere, and even though Tryggvi used a spell to force Gisli to admit the truth (which involved revealing that he can turn into an alynx), Gisli used his Convincing Lie ability to persuade Yaneg that he was telling the truth.

Then the PCs went to Quackford and met with Ralf Silktongue, who allowed them to worship at his hidden shrine to Sartar. When the PCs told Ralf that they were Sartar’s descendants, he gave them some advice for how to worship Sartar and strengthen their connection to the demigod.

The Arnoring Stones
Dark Season, 1616

Dark Season was unusually harsh this year, with enormous snow drifts and harsh cold. On Ancestor Day, the clan’s ancestors visited Ulfketil’s Stead and appeared to approve of things. One of them offered Gisli Blacksheep a mug of ale, and another placed a wreath of flowers on Yaneg’s head.

A few days later, Bornwulf Bornhelmsson, a member of the Arnoring clan showed up at Ulfketil’s Stead. He said that he was disgusted at Armin Pot-Thrower‘s decision to convert his clan to the Lunar Way. Armin had said that he will pull down the clan’s Orlanth Stones as a way of showing that there is no way back, and Bornwulf said that was the law straw for him.

So he offered a deal. If the Orlmarth would call Orlanth out of the Arnoring clan’s Orlanth Stones, and would take him and his family into the Orlmarth clan, he would show them where one of the Arnoring clan’s treasures was, the Wind Horn, so they could take it.

Yaneg and Blakradit discussed whether this was a trap or not, but decided to trust Bornwulf tentatively. They convinced Savan Thundermaker to come along with them.

Bornwulf led them along the Roofbeam and down into a hidden clearing where the Arnoring clan’s Orlanth Stones were, an ancient burial mound where Kelan the Archer, one of the clan’s ancestors was buried. There, in the middle of the Orlanth Stones, was the Wind Horn.

When Savan started to de-consecrate the Orlanth Stones, the PCs found themselves thrown into the Heroplane and in the middle of Kelan’s Night Battle, in which he defeated three waves of trolls. They successfully defeated the trolls, completed the ritual, took the Wind Horn, and retuned to Ulfketil’s Stead, where Bornwulf’s family, about forty people had arrived.

They were able to persuade a reluctant Gordanger to support Bornwulf’s request to join the clan, but it will have to addressed at the clan moot.


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