Upland Marsh

The Upland Marsh is formed by the confluence of the Creek, the Stream, and the River. It is a slowly expanded marsh ruled by Delecti the Necromancer. Everything that dies in the Marsh returns as undead. Consequently, it is filled with a horde of undead monsters. Only the ducks know how to traverse the Marsh safely.

The Lismelder have fought against Delecti and the forces of the Marsh since their clan was founded. Their great Humakti hero, Indrodar Greydog, vanished trying to avenge the death of his queen, Lismelder. His sword, Wrath, is believed lost in the Marsh somewhere.

The clans that live along the Marsh are the Narri and Enhyl clan of the Colymar and the Marshedge, Poss, and Lonendi of the Lismelder.

Yellowflower Isle is located at the southern end of the Marsh.

Upland Marsh

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