Summer Sword

According to the information the PCs have pieced together so far, the Summer Sword was forged for Illuvan’s marriage to Elasa. Her uncle Vestkarthen forged the sword out of his own finger and blessed it so that it would do many great deeds. But Venebain, who was jealous of Illuvan, cursed it so that every time it did a great deed, it would betray the wielder in some way.

Illuvan used the Summer Sword to kill the Red Snow Giant, but he was not fast enough to save his brother’s life. Later he used it to kill the Star Cats, so that they no longer exist, but it broke in the process and so he was unable to use it to save his clan.

After that, it apparently lay hidden until the PCs discovered a group of Delecti’s minions digging for it in the Starfire Ridges.

Arnmod Brokenquill told Tryggvi that reforging it would take some of Vestkarthen’s FIre. Various characters have told Sindri that there are perhaps two men in Sartar who could reforge it, Osric Spark-and-Fire of the Orleving Clan and Broyan No-Son at Geo’s Dangerford Inn.

Summer Sword

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