Runegate is located near where the Swan River meets the Upland Marsh. It was entirely destroyed (except for the Luck Gate) in 1602 when the Crimson Bat was brought in by the Lunars during the Battle of Runegate. It has since been rebuilt.It is famous for its horse market.

Runegate is governed by the Runegate Triaty, three Colymar clans that share control of the town. The three clans are the Taralings, the Enhyli, and the Narri.

The town includes a temple to Elmal the Horsebreaker, a temple to Ernalda that also houses a shrine to the Seven Lightbringers, a Humakti shrine and recruiting hall, a Lunar shrine, a Lunar barracks, and two inns, Geo’s Runegate Inn and the Last Chance Inn. The Luck Gate has become a shrine to Asrelia the Granter of Fortune since 1602.The Black Oak shrine outside of town is sacred to Doburdan the Good Storm God, a Lunar deity whose worship is intended to replace Orlanth’s.

Selelmal the True, Kallvale the Sow, and Arnmod Brokenquill live here.


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