The Redleafs are a bloodline of the Orlmarth. They claim descend from Old Man Colymar’s Plowman, Hengil Bullarms. They are the clan’s best farmers, and produce more worshippers of Barntar than any other bloodline in the clan. They tend to be very conservative, generally arguing for tradition and against innovation. They dislike the Ulfilings, whom they consider too open to new and strange ideas. They can be counted on to disagree with the Ulfilings about almost everything.

The bloodline’s headman is Orlstan Wulfstansson, but everyone knows that his mother, Asdis Sharptongue, is the real head of the bloodline. She is from the Ernaldori, whom the Redleafs have a long tradition of taking their wives from.

Godric Clevertongue and his brother Aldwulf Plowstrong are members of this bloodline.

The Redleafs are loud proponents of the feud with the Arnorings. Until the establishment of the Lunar Slave Farm, the Redleafs farmlands butted up against the north edge of the Arnoring tula, with the result that there was considerable violence between them and the Arnorings. They have opposed the PCs’ efforts to resolve the feud.


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