Old Man Village

Old Man Village is the center of the Orlmarth tula. It is located where the Stone Creek joins the Nymie Riverafter flowing down from Illuvan’s Roofbeam. It has a low palisade and watchtowers of wood strong enough to thwart raiders, but is unlikely to survive a determined siege.

It houses the clan hall, where the chieftain and his family live, the Guardian Oak, where the Old Redhead (the clan wyter) dwells, and the village smithy, where Hroald Sootface works. The clan maintains a temple to all its gods there, although the primary worship of Orlanth and Ernalda happens elsewhere on the tula. There is a hall for the clan’s thanes to reside in, as well as houses for the carls whose farmland is near the village (mostly Hengistings and some Redleafs.

The village is named after ‘Old Man’ Orlmarth, the founder of the clan and the first king of the Colymar. His Helmet is a clan treasure and is kept in the clan hall.

Chief Gordanger, his wife, Enderin Dragonslayer, and his wife Salyn all live here, as does Hroald.

The clan’s market.is held here once a year, in Earth Season.


Old Man Village

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