Narri Clan

The Narri are one of the three members of the Hyaloring Triaty, which claimed the lands along the northeastern end of the Upland Marsh and founded Runegate. They claim descent from Hyalor the Horsebreaker.

The other two members were the Enhyli and the Lonisi. Originally, the Narri took wives from the Lonisi and gave them to the Enhyli. But in 1430, the son of the Narri chieftain took the daughter of the Pelasking chieftain in what came to be called the Fish Marriage, breaking this pattern. This angered the Lonisi, which triggered a feud that ultimately led to the destruction of the Lonisi at the hands of the Hiordings and the Varmandi and the incorporation of Hyaloring Triaty into the Colymar.

The Narri are famous for their skill at horse-breeding, and make much of their wealth off of their herd of horses, which they sell at Runegate. They are part of the Runegate Triaty, along with the Taralings and the Enhyli. They revere Elmal as much as Orlanth.

They are allied with the Taralings, the Enhyli, and the Enjossi. They still frequently take wives from the Pelaskings.

One of their bloodlines, the Thangbrandings, has converted to the Lunar Way, which has caused considerable dispute within the clan. However, thanks to the intervention of Magra of Wilmskirk (and the PCs) this quarrel has settled down somewhat, with the ruling that the Lunar gods may be worshipped at private steads, but not elsewhere on the tula, and that the Lunar bloodline must continue performing traditional clan rites. Since then, the Greenwillows have also embraced the Lunar Way. (The other bloodlines are at the Hyalorssons, the Goodhopes, and the Farnanings.)

Their previous chieftain is Yrnar Horsebreaker. He was well-disposed to the PCs at the moment. Howling Aethelmar is the clan champion and sits on the Tribal Ring. But in Fire Season of 1619, Yanioth fought him to avenge the death of his wife Tyrelia, defeated and castrated him, thus forcing him to step down. Their current chieftain is Baranraed.

Their Ernalda Woman is Soranna Fieldsdottir. Grimcarl Thangbrandsson is the leader of the Lunar faction. .

Narri Clan

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