Narri Clan

The Narri are famous for their skill at horse-breeding, and make much of their wealth off of their herd of horses, which they sell at Runegate. They are part of the Runegate Triaty, along with the Taralings and the Enhyli. They revere Elmal as much as Orlanth.

They are allied with the Taralings, the Enhyli, and the Enjossi.

One of their bloodlines has recently converted to the Lunar Way, which has caused considerable dispute within the clan. However, thanks to the intervention of Magra of Wilmskirk (and the PCs) this quarrel has settled down somewhat, with the ruling that the Lunar gods may be worshipped at private steads, but not elsewhere on the tula, and that the Lunar bloodline must continue performing traditional clan rites.

Their current chieftain is Yrnar Horsebreaker. He is well-disposed to the PCs at the moment.

Narri Clan

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