Jonstown is the second city founded by Sartar, and is famous throughout Sartar, although its permanent population is probably only around 2,000 people. During Starbrow’s Rebellion, the Sartar High Council was based here. Hofstaring Treeleaper won the battle of Hofstaring’s Flood not far from here, but when Fazzur Wideread led a second Lunar army toward Jonstown, the rebels withdrew to Larnste’s Table, where they were forced to surrender, and Hofstaring was captured by Lunar demons.

The city is most famous for the Jonstown Library, the only large temple to Lhankor Mhy in all of Sartar, as well as for the House of Peace, a large hospital/temple of Chalana Arroy. It also houses substantial temples to Ernalda, Issaries, Humakt, and, much to the anger of the locals, the Seven Mothers.

The famous Lhankor Mhy sage, Minaryth Purple, can often be found here, as can Erryn Mercy, a Chalanan famous for her healing skills.

Several Lunar regiments are also based here.


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