Indrodar Greydog

Indrodar was the son of Lornar Greydog, master brewer of the Malani tribe. He became a great warrior of Humakt and champion of the Malani clan. However, when Mad-blood Malan’s son Erland slew his own kin, Indrodar joined with Lismelder, the widow of the slain man, and others to leave the clan, and they settled near the Upland Marsh, founding the Lismelder Tribe.

Indrodar became the new tribal champion, and led the Lismelder in their fight against Delecti the Necromancer. When Lismelder was killed and returned as a zombie, Indrodar took charge of the tribe and placed it under the protection of the ducks of the Marsh. For seven years, he searched the Marsh for Lismelder’s body and eventually found it, slew it, and laid his queen to rest.

Indrodar and his followers then settled in the Vale of the Sword River and built the hill fort known as Swordvale. He also founded the Six Stones temple, and became the first chieftain of the Goodsword clan.

Eventually, however, he fell out with the new Lismelder Queen, Tara and her sisters, who ruled the tribe from Marshedge. They demanded that the tribe follow the Old Earth Way and worship Maran Gor. When civil war threatened, Indrodar broke his geas of Total Celibacy and courted and married Tara, thus bringing her back to the way of Orlanth and Ernalda.

They ruled the clan for several years, until Tara’s death. Indrodar continued as king for two more years and then resigned his office and returned to the Six Stones temple. Later, he vanished during an expedition into the Marsh, and none knows what happened to him, except perhaps Delecti. Even Humakt has said nothing except that his soul does not rest in Humakt’s Hall.

Indrodar Greydog

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