Greydog clan

The Greydogs are the oldest clam of the Lismelder tribe, having been founded by Queen Lismelder and her cupthane. Their greatest clan hero is the Humakti Indrodar Greydog. They are famous for the brewing (they are reputed to produce the best ale in all of Sartar), for their many warriors, and for their long-running feud with the Colymar.

They are allied with the Hillhaven and the Marshedge.

Their tula is centered around Greydog Village, home to the Greydog Inn. They’re famous for their ale, but the Orlmarth like to say that if they drank a little less, they might be able to get it up more often.

Their chieftain is Kornos Longbrewer. Killer Branduan is a member of this clan. Their Eurmali, Brigpice, is a bondsman of Kornos; he bribed a Ulerian to make Enderin Dragonslayer fall in love with her.

Greydog clan

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