The Enjossi are one of the clans of the Colymar. They occupy lands along the upper Stream and Richberry Vale, which they seized in 1476. Their founder, Enjossi was a powerful magician who led his people up from the Holy Land. He asked King Rostakos of the Colymar for support for the Salmon Rite, which he promised would bring the salmon to the Stream. He performed it at Seven Falls and brought the salmon to the Stream, and won support from the clan. After that, nothing the Balmyr did could dislodge Enjossi’s people from their lands.

Because of this, they are the Salmon Clan, famous for their annual performance of the Salmon Rite and their skill as fisherman and swimmers; their salmon is a sought-after delicacy.

They are allied with the Narri, the Antorlings, and the Zethnorings.

Their current chieftain Freywulf Strongbreath is a powerful Orlanthi warrior. Their Goodvoice, Henkist Coin-in-the-Hand, sits on the Colymar tribal ring. Orkansakt the Fat is their Kolating shaman. Their champion is Orward Truesword

The Brown Hares joined this clan after they were outlawed from the Antorlings. They are now one of three Lunar bloodlines, the other two being the Emmanings and the Greenberries. Three bloodlines have not converted yet: the Enjossings, the Fishdancers, and the Roedeers.

Askora Asmundsdottir and her sister Tyrelia are from this clan.


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