Colymar Wilds

The Colymar Wilds are a semi-magical wilderness located in the Thunder Hills to the northeast of the Orlmarth tula. It is considered hostile to travelers unless one has learned its secrets. Many who enter are never seen again. Aldryami are sometimes seen here, leading many to suspect that there is an Aldryami settlement here.

The Black Spear clan hold the Colymar Wilds as their tula.

The Colymar Wilds are home to Tarndisi’s Grove.

The Orlmarthing know a secret greeting for the Aldryami that can make travel through the Colymar Wilds a little easier.

Rahl, Sindri, and Tryggvi have performed the Hero and the Grove quest, and consequently can travel more easily through the Wilds.


Colymar Wilds

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