Black Spear Clan

Properly called the Anmargarn clan, everyone knows them as the Black Spear clan, because they are charged with protecting the Black Spear of Colymar, the mightiest piece of tribal regalia. Every king of the Colymar must, as their final test, travel into the Colymar Wilds and claim the Black Spear of the Colymar tula. They are allied with the Varmandi.

The Black Spear clan maintain exceptionally harsh initiation rites, so harsh that many do not survive them. The result is that the clan, although very small, is extremely hardy, and produces some of the best warriors of the tribe. They will accept any Orlanth-worshipping outsider who can survive their initiation rites. They are known to be deeply committed to Orlanth’s Way, and vehemently anti-Lunar.

They are famed for the black bulls they breed.

Their chieftain is Vestorfin Tribute-taker.

Black Spear Clan

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