Antorling Clan

The Antorlings are a young clan of the Colymar, comparatively speaking, having been formed after the Zarran Wars, out of members of several other clans. When Antorlan founded the clan, he agreed that each blood line would always have a seat on the ring. As a result, whenever someone on the ring dies or steps down, the ring has to be reshuffled to fit the agreement.

He also performed the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, to strengthen clan unity. It became tradition for each new chieftain to perform the quest to renew that unity. However, about 60 years ago, when Aeronwyn Redhair performed the quest on behalf of her sister, she was ambushed by Gagarth the Wild Hunter and lost an eye. Since then, all attempts by the clan to perform that quest have been disrupted by Gagarth, with the result that clan unity has been weakened.

They have traditionally made alliances and intermarriages with the Orlmarthings and the Ernaldori, as well as the Enjossi. They are famous for their apple orchards and their cider-making, and Red Blossom the Apple tree is the clan’s wyter.

The clan has been feuding for a century with the Konthasos clan. As the story is remembered, the clan wished to use the Konthasos shrine to Esrola, and the Konthasos refused. So the Antorlings paid Vigdis Henriksdottir, a chieftain of the Orlmarth, to blight the Konthasos lands using Maran Gor magic and that started the hostilities.(It was also the beginning of the traditional alliance between the two clans, as the Antorlings agreed to support Vigdis in her war against the Hiordings.) More recently, the Antorlings have used magic to disrupt the Konthasos crops, while the Konthasos have tried to isolate them politically.

Their chieftain used to be Maelwynn Treemother, an Ernalda worshipper, whose sister Morwynn is the wife of the Orlmarthing Law-speaker, Snorri.

In the period after Starbrow’s Rebellion, the clan was badly fragmented. Each bloodline held one seat on the ring (with the chieftain holding the seventh) and tended to squabble with the others. The clan had six bloodlines: the Dastanings, the Silverclouds, the Blackfeet, the Brown Hares, the Orlstanings, and the Horsings. Traditionally, each bloodline had one seat on the clan ring, with the seventh representing the chieftain (so that the chieftain’s bloodline had two seats). The Brown Hares, including the Lawspeaker Cwenalda, converted to the Lunar Way. Maelwynn outlawed them from the clan after false evidence was found suggesting they worshipped chaos. As a result, the clan only has five bloodlines.

Recently, Sindri used his Sense Doom ability to sense the Doom of the Antorlings. He said “I see the Doom of the Antorlings. I see corruption from within and evil from below. Beware the Faceless Maw!” After Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi performed the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, Maelwynn stepped down as chieftain and the new chieftain is Ragnar the Plowman. Whether these changes are enough to avert the Doom of the Antorlings remains to be seen.

Rangdan the Rainman, a skilled Heleri of their clan, sat on the Colymar tribal ring. He was eventually revealed to be a worshipper of a chaotic god. He fled and his whereabouts are unknown.

Antorling Clan

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