Soon after the Orlmarth settled the Nymie Valley, another clan, the Vostangi settled along Illuvan’s Roofbeam and Voriof’s Sheepfold They joined the Colymar, and the daughter of the Vostangi chieftain Angmar, Aethelwynn, married Varsmar Beastfoe, the chieftain of the clan and king of the tribe.

But the Vostangi feuded with the Hillhaven and eventually, Mad Ovad, the Hillhaven shaman, brought down a terrible demon on the clan and slew them all, so that the Vostangi died out. That is when the Orlmarth first claimed Illuvan’s Roofbeam and the Sheepfold as their own.

Hodir Greydog slew Mad Ovad and waged war against the Hillhaven until they submitted and joined the Lismelder tribe.

In Sea Season of 1617, the Vostangi appeared to Yaneg, Yanioth, and Veslmus, demanding that they avenge their deaths at the hands of Mad Ovad. The PCs somewhat reluctantly agreed to take on a case for vengeance, and decided to pursue the Lawstaff quest.


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