The Chieftains of the Orlmarthings

The Colymar were the first Heortlings to migrate into Dragon Pass, under the leadership of Colymar Hordrosson and his wife Hareva Daughter of the Vine. He organized his people into five clans, one of which was led by his oldest son Hengist, who had a large family. When Hengist the Founder became chieftain, he met Nymie the Son of Engizi, a minor Water god who dwells in Tarndisi’s Grove. Nymie renamed him Orlmarth, and he gave that name to his clan. He reigned from 1335-1356. What follows is the Chieftain List of the Orlmarth.

Chief Hengist Colymarsson (1335- 56) The oldest son of Colymar, and the founder of the Orlmarth clan. When he became chieftain, Nymie renamed him Orlmarth. He is the Old Man the Village is named after. He made a pact with the ghosts of the Illuvani and took them as his ancestors.

Chief Gunnar Hengistsson (1356-72), who forged the Torc of Rulership. He married Oona Brightflower, the first Ernaldori women to marry into the clan. She wove the clan’s Warbanner. During his rule, Hreidar Fullfleece first performed the Glory Ewe quest.

Chief Barntadus Gunnarsson (1372-79) who first contacted the Northern tribes. During his reign, the clan was troubled by the Thing with Many Bodies for the first time since it settled in Dragon Pass.

King Varsmar Beastfoe (1379-92), the first king of the Colymar from the Orlmarth clan. He fought alongside Queen Lismelder against the ducks, but she was too cautious. This was the first war of the Colymar. He married Aethelwynn, daughter of the Vostangi chieftain.

Chief Drangmar Surefriend (1392-1411) who was a steadfast friend. No man he supported ever lost his case. When Mad Ovad destroyed the Vostangi, he claimed the Starfire Ridges for the Orlmarth. He died of shock when Hodir Blackdog, Chief of the Greydogs, slew his son Brangmar, and that is how the feud with the Greydogs began.

Chief Ingulf the Troublemaker (1411-20), the first chieftain from the Grettirings. He feuded with the Taralings for the first time because he ridiculed Chief Barangan the Slow. He slew Frithjof Osgosi of the Greydogs and was slain by Frithjof’s brother while he slept.

Chief Ingvar the Dog-killer (1420-25), who slew many Greydogs to avenge his brother. It was he who first learned how to summon the Woodpeckers.He also feuded with the Hiordings for the first time. His anger was his undoing, because he was not cautious when he was angry. During his rule, the Greydogs forced us off Illuvan’s Roofbeam. When he fled from the Greydogs on Irnar’s Peak, his hair became tangled in a tree, and his own thanes abandoned him to be killed. The clan did not mourn him.

Chief Hjalmar Brangmarsson (1425-40), who first made peace with the Greydogs. He was unlucky in marriage. His first wife died during his wedding, his second wife died trying to give birth, and his third wife was barren. He died childless

Chief Jorg the Plowstrong (1440-49), who was the first chieftain from the Redleafs. He loved peace more than war, and refused to support King Intagarn when he raided Tarsh. He ended the feud with the Hiordings. He died plowing. During his reign, the Thing with Many Bodies returned.

King Rastoron Jorgsson (1449-65), who succeeded Intagarn as king, and waged war against the Lismelder. He died peacefully.

Chief Orlstan Who-Should-Have-Been-King (1465-76), who succeeded his father Rastoron as chieftain, but was unable to complete the kingship rituals because the Taralings interfered. He led the clan in rebellion against King Orlgandi, but the Taralings and Antorlings defeated him.

Chief Henrik the Lefthanded (1476-90), who fought the Greydogs when Vargath renewed the feud, and slew Vargath in his own hall. Vargarth’s sword Chaincutter still hangs in the Orlmarth clan hall He forced the Greydogs off the Roombeam and reclaimed it for the Orlmarth. It was he who made the alliance with the Antorlings. He was slain by the Greydogs who ambushed him when he travelled to Swordvale.

Chief Freydis Henriksdottir (1490-1512), who made peace with the Greydogs and gained Orane’s Spindle. She was killed when a Narri horse reared and struck her. During her reign, the Thing with Many Bodies killed many people.

Chief Vigdis Henriksdottir (1512-1515), who was the twin sister of Freydis, and as dark as Freydis was light. She was devoted to Maran Gor. She took bloody vengeance on the Narri for three years before her anger was satisfied. She then gave up the Torque of Rulership and left the clan. She was the last Redleaf to be chief. Her death is unknown.

Chief Hrut Blackhorn (1515-44), under whom the clan’s flocks prospered as never before. During his reign, Ulfhlem the Curser cursed his own sons, and the feud with the Arnorings began when Ulric won Uralda’s Milkpot from them playing dice.He was the first chief from the Coldsprings. It was during his time that Ulfilas the Wanderer founded the Ulfiling bloodline. His wife was the Queen of Clearwine Temple. He fell down drunk during a feast and never stood up again.

King Korlmar Kentventsson (1544-58), who won fame at the battle of Karnge Farm, fighting against the Lunars in Tarsh. He was lord of Runegate Fort, and burned down the Greydog Inn when they renewed the feud. He died in his bed.

King Orlgandi Rangarsson (1558-65), who died fighting to protect High King Jarosar from the Lunars at the Battle of Dwarf Ford. During his reign, the clan tried to resolve the feud with the Arnorings, but it led to the One-Eye War.

Chief Minvara the Quiet (1565-71), who succeeded her husband, but mourned him the rest of her life. She kept the clan from feuding, and was much loved by her people, who mourned her death as a great blow. The Thing with Many Bodies plagued the clan then.

King Kenstrel Hendsson (1571-82), who was killed fighting the Lunars at the Battle of Grizzly Peak. It was during his time that the Taralings burned Eoric the Cat-Master and his family in their stead. The site is haunted by ghosts to this day. Also during his time, Heodan wooed Dorasa, the daughter of Chief Kirnan of the Hiordings, much to the sorrow of both clans.

King Jarstakos Hendsson (1582-1602), who was elected king by the Colymar without exception. It was during his reign that the Lunars invaded Sartar, and he stood beside Prince Salinarg as long as Salinarg was king. He was devoured by the Crimson Bat at the Battle of Runegate Fort, along with many of his thanes.

Chief Gordangar Kenstrelsson (1602-present), whose sister Kenstra married the chief of the Ernaldori clan. He demonstrated his caution when he refused to support Starbrow’s Rebellion. It was during his rule that the Ulfilings acquired Vestkarthen’s Fire for the clan. The burning of Eoric’s Stead was avenged with the death of the Red Bear.

The Chieftains of the Orlmarthings

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