Colymar Tribe

The Colymar Tribe is the oldest of the tribes of Sartar. Under the leadership of Colymar, they migrated from Heortland around 1315. They split into five separate clans: the Orlmarthings, the Ernaldori, the Arnorings, the Konthasos, and the Zethnorings.

Shortly after that, the Black Spear clan was founded to be the guardians of the clan’s most important piece of regalia. The Vostangi joined the tribe soon after that, but they were destroyed by the Hillhaven a generation later.

Later the Hiordings, the Antorlings, the Lysangs, the Namoldings, and the Varmandi joined them.

In 1430, they fought the Taral War, as a result of which they absorbed the Hyaloring Triaty of the Narri, Enhyli, and Taraling clans.

After that, the Enjossi clan was founded and joined them.

In the 1520s, a feud broke out between the Konthasos and the Antorlings, because the Konthasos refused to allow the Antorlings to use their Esrola shrine. In retaliation, the Antorlings paid the Orlmarth chieftain to use Maran Gor magic to blight the Konthasos tula. The two clans have feuded ever since.

In 1608, the tribe fought against the Lunars at Runegate Fort and lost many warriors to both the zombie attack and the ravages of the Red Bat.It has been slowly recovering its strength since that defeat.

After Starbrow’s Rebellion, the Lunars forced the Colymar to give up the Zethnorings, the Namoldings, and the Lysangs. King Kallai Rockbuster was forced to give up the kingship, and his wife Benava Chan had to step down as high priestess of Clearwing Temple. Leika Ballista attempted to become queen but lost the Ring of Friendship, part of the tribal regalia, and was forced to withdraw. Instead, her cousin Kangharl took the throne.

Their tribal capital is Clearwine Fort. The most important temple is at Clearwine Temple. The clan is home to the Colymar Wilds Illuvan’s Roofbeam, and the Starfire Ridges

The Colymar are ruled by a Tribal Ring that includes the King. The Ring is made up of 13 Seats representing different Gods and Goddess. The current Ring members and the gods they represent as of 1617 are

Orlanth Rex: Kangharl Kagradusson ( Taraling)
Ernalda Earth-queen: Yanioth Brandigorsdottir ( Ernaldori)
Elmal Horsebreaker: Selelmal the True ( Enhyli)
Lhankor Mhy the Lawspeaker: Snorri the Farsighted (Orlmarth)
Issaries Goodvoice: Henkist Coin-in-Hand ( Enjossi)
Chalana the Merciful: Ingund the White ( Konthasos)
Eurmal the Fool: Cerdic the Liar ( Hiording)
Humakt the Warrior: Nameless (no clan)
Urox Chaos-foe: Howling Aethelmar ( Narri)
Orlanth Adventurous: Vestorfin Tribute-Taker ( Black Spear)
Orlanth Thunderous: Thurstan Thangbrandsson ( Antorling)
Ernalda: All-mother: Sarastara Thrice-Widowed ( Varmandi)
Ernalda All-wise: Feralda the Dancer ( Arnoring)

Colymar Tribe

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