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  • Red Bear

    The Orlmarth have heard stories about the Red Bear for several years now. It supposedly started to appear on the [[Taraling Clan | Taraling]] tula a few years after the Battle of Runegate. It is a large red bear that roams the tula's forests. Taralings …

  • The Brown Hares

    The Brown Hares are one of the founding bloodlines of the [[Antorling Clan | Antorling]] clan. Around 1613, they converted to the Lunar Way. Their leader is [[:cwenalda-brown-hare | Cwenalda]] Brown Hare, a worshipper of Irripi Ontor. After [[:howling- …

  • Erianda the Red

    She is an extremely dangerous enemy, and hates the PCs now because of how they humiliated her. She wants the Eye of the Half-bird and will stop at nothing to recover it.

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