To Stand Against the Red Moon

Trip to Runegate

Early in 1613, a ghost from the Starfire Ridges appeared at Luckstone Stead. The PCs went to the Ridges to see what was wrong, and discovered a group of zombies from the Upland Marsh digging there. They destroyed the zombies and the Daughter of Darkness who controlled them, and then discovered an old pot and a broken sword. They gave the pot to the clan, and it was agreed to make the pot a piece of clan regalia. After some discussion, it was decided that the broken sword must be the Summer Sword, which was forged by Vestkarthen for Illuvan’s marriage, but cursed by Venebain. SIndri decided that he wanted to find a way to reforge it.

The PCs decided to travel to Runegate to find out what they could about those who died at Runegate in 1602. They traveled to Asbjorn’s Stead, where Finna Finnsdottir welcomed them as relatives, since Rahl is her nephew. She told them about the growing number of Taralings who are converting to the Lunar Way, and about the Red Bear that now roams the Taraling woods. She arranged an escort for the PCs, but the party was diverted to the Taraling clan hall where they were questioned by Kangharl Kagradusson, the clan champion who heads the ring in the absence of Leika Ballista. Eventually he sent them on their way with polite words.

They arrived at Runegate soon afterward.

Getting Started

The PCs experienced a typical year in the life of the Orlmarth clan, witnessing a re-enactment of the Orlanth Defeats Aroka myth and a clan moot.

The Greydogs raided the clan and kidnapped Gordanger’s son Enderin. While the PCs were taking the ransom to the Greydog tula, they were attacked by Gagarthi bandits, whom they slew, and then discovered evidence that one of the Greydogs might have told the bandits about the coming ransom. Armed with this information, they were able to convince Kornos Longbrewer to drop the ransom.

They went to the tribal moot at Clearwine Fort and saw the election of Leika Ballista, chieftain of the Taralings, as the next queen, since the old king, Kallai Rockbuster, was forced by the Lunars to step down in the wake of the failure of Starbrow’s Rebellion. She declared that her Queen Test would involve an expedition into Snakepipe Hollow, a festering chaos place in northern Sartar. Tryggvi suddenly declared that it was a good gesture, but that no benefit would come from it. This remark caused some consternation among the clans.

On Ancestor Day, in Dark Season, the ancestors announced that some of the dead of Runegate have not been buried and cannot rest. The PCs decided to head to Runegate to find out what they could about those who died at Runegate.

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