To Stand Against the Red Moon

The Winterlings
Storm Season 1616

The clan debated whether to adopt Bornwulf and his kinsmen. Although the Redleafs opposed it, eventually it was decided to adopt them as carls and give them the poor land at the north end of the tula that used to be Eoric Cat-Master’s Stead before the Taralings burned it. Bornwulf’s kin became the newest and smallest bloodline, the Winterlings.

Then it was time to re-enact the defeat of Venebain the Lightfore at the Battle of Thrinbarri Clouds, which helps ensure that the Sky Demons remain trapped in the Cinder Pits. Savan Thundermaker was too ill to perform the ritual, so Gordanger did it instead. The ritual requires Gisli to be dressed up as Venebain and humiliated before an effigy of Venebain is thrown into the Cinder Pits, but Gisli was nowhere to be found. So instead, Veslmus agreed to wear the costume and endure the taunting.

Yaneg took some heat for not keeping Gisli in line. Gisli insisted that he hadn’t gone anywhere, and even though Tryggvi used a spell to force Gisli to admit the truth (which involved revealing that he can turn into an alynx), Gisli used his Convincing Lie ability to persuade Yaneg that he was telling the truth.

Then the PCs went to Quackford and met with Ralf Silktongue, who allowed them to worship at his hidden shrine to Sartar. When the PCs told Ralf that they were Sartar’s descendants, he gave them some advice for how to worship Sartar and strengthen their connection to the demigod.

The Arnoring Stones
Dark Season, 1616

Dark Season was unusually harsh this year, with enormous snow drifts and harsh cold. On Ancestor Day, the clan’s ancestors visited Ulfketil’s Stead and appeared to approve of things. One of them offered Gisli Blacksheep a mug of ale, and another placed a wreath of flowers on Yaneg’s head.

A few days later, Bornwulf Bornhelmsson, a member of the Arnoring clan showed up at Ulfketil’s Stead. He said that he was disgusted at Armin Pot-Thrower‘s decision to convert his clan to the Lunar Way. Armin had said that he will pull down the clan’s Orlanth Stones as a way of showing that there is no way back, and Bornwulf said that was the law straw for him.

So he offered a deal. If the Orlmarth would call Orlanth out of the Arnoring clan’s Orlanth Stones, and would take him and his family into the Orlmarth clan, he would show them where one of the Arnoring clan’s treasures was, the Wind Horn, so they could take it.

Yaneg and Blakradit discussed whether this was a trap or not, but decided to trust Bornwulf tentatively. They convinced Savan Thundermaker to come along with them.

Bornwulf led them along the Roofbeam and down into a hidden clearing where the Arnoring clan’s Orlanth Stones were, an ancient burial mound where Kelan the Archer, one of the clan’s ancestors was buried. There, in the middle of the Orlanth Stones, was the Wind Horn.

When Savan started to de-consecrate the Orlanth Stones, the PCs found themselves thrown into the Heroplane and in the middle of Kelan’s Night Battle, in which he defeated three waves of trolls. They successfully defeated the trolls, completed the ritual, took the Wind Horn, and retuned to Ulfketil’s Stead, where Bornwulf’s family, about forty people had arrived.

They were able to persuade a reluctant Gordanger to support Bornwulf’s request to join the clan, but it will have to addressed at the clan moot.

Moot and Market
Earth Season, 1616

Hrut Ramshead approached Yaneg and Gisli seeking support for removing Aldwulf from the ring in favor of Hrut. He argued that Voriof is angry with the clan for removing him from the ring years ago. Yaneg agreed that it was a good idea. They discussed the matter with Snorri, who was noncommittal.

At the c;lan moot, there was much anger about the decision to outlaw Orlanth. Savan Thundermaker predicted the doom of the gods and men, but said that since the clan worships Orlanth in the Starfire Ridges, which the Lunars cannot safely enter.

Hurt challenged Aldwulf. Urged by Tryggvi, Morganeth prophesied the consequences of returning Hrut to the ring. “I see fine rich flocks and blood in abundance. I see feuds unresolved and blood in abundance. I see great deeds done as wedding gifts.” Eventually, Snorri supported Hrut and Aldwulf was removed from the ring.

Alric Dogsbane opposed ending the feud with the Arnorings, arguing that the clan should raid them instead. Morganeth suggested that the Arnoring would be helpful allies in trying to unseat Kangharl.

Before the issue could be decided, Darsten Black-oak burst into the clan hall, and demanded the return of the skin of the Red Bear, threatening war to get it back. Tryggvi realized that either the Taralings or the Lunars want the skin for something, so the clan refused to give it, arguing that the Bear had been killed on the Orlmarth tula in accordance with the law. After Darsten left, Savan suggested dedicating the skin to Orlanth at the Thunder Stones in the Starfire Ridges, where the Lunars couldn’t easily get it.

A week later, the clan held its market day. Tryggvi had a conversation with Sora Goodseller, who gave him news and then called in the favor he owed her. showing him a an old book with no writing it in. He realized that the book had been ruined by Attar the Eater of Knowledge, part of the chaotic god Thanatar. She gave him the book.

Armin Pot-thrower showed up with other Arnorings and a wagon-load of pots. During the market, Alric quarreled with one of the Arnorings, Dargol Clayhands, whose uncle had killed Alric’s cousin Rangstan. Alric wounded Dargol and demanded blood or compensation. Enderin supported him in this.

Armin offered to end the feud between the two clans, rolling the compensation for Rangstan into the deal, or else tell people that the Orlmarth market is dangerous. It nearly worked until Tryggvi got frustrated that Armin was haggling too much over the price. He blurted out that Armin had orchestrated this whole thing, bringing Dargol to the market to provoke one of the Hengistings in order to create a pressing reason to resolve the feud. Alric and Enderin were outraged, declaring that they would never accept anything other than blood for Rangstan. The Arnorings left quickly.

Word came a few weeks later that the Arnorings had accepted the Lunar Way.

To Kill the Red Bear
Earth Season 1616

Word spread that Enderin and the Redleafs raided the Greydogs and came away with a dozen cattle. Gordanger was obviously proud of his son and threw a feast to celebrate it. He granted Enderin half the cattle that had been stolen.

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi spoken with Asbjorn and Finna about killing the Red Bear, which they had promised to do. Tryggvi worried about the repercussions from Kangharl, but they decided that keeping their promise to kill it mattered more.

They decided that the best option would be to find a way to lure it onto the Orlmarth tula and kill it as vengeance for the slaying of Eoric Cat-master a generation ago. But they didn’t know how to do that. Asbjorn snuck them to see Old Man Willow, a nature spirit that dwells in the Taraling forests. After a blood sacrifice, Old Man Willow told them that the Bear was a spirit made flesh, that it could not be harmed by mundane weapons or elemental magic, and that if it wasn’t killed ‘enough’, it would return. It likes the flesh of pigs.

They went to Orkansakt the Fat, the Enjossi shaman. He agreed to help them in exchange for a favor later on. He told them that because the Bear was connected to the Red Moon, it might return unless they killed it enough. He gave them a charm that would ensure that if they roasted a pig, the Bear would smell it and come to them.

So they roasted a pig on the edge of the tula and when the Bear appear, Yaneg and Yanioth fought it. At first it seemed that the Bear would win, but after several good rolls and hero point expenditures, they killed it and scored a substantial Parting Shot on it, hopefully ensuring that the Bear was dead for good. They skinned the Bear and presented the skin to Gordanger, who hung it in the clan hall.

A Quest for the Antorlings
Fire Season 1616

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi concluded that they needed to perform the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest to help their Antorling kinsmen, so they spoke to various people seeking information about the quest. Cwenalda agreed to tell them about the clan’s history with the quest, despite her bitterness toward the Antorlings. Freywolf Strongbreath, the chieftain of the Enjossi, was eager to make friends with the Orlmarth because his clan is now half Lunar. He sent Gordanger a salmon as a gift.

Ingund the White and Minaryth Purple both gave them general points about heroquesting.

Skallagrim of the Hiordings sought to negotiate trade and travel rights in exchange for what his clan knew, but the two sides could come to an agreement. The PCs realized that, as a supporter of Kangharl, he might be uncomfortable with the PCs doing this quest, because it could potentially be used to unset Kangharl.

Their kinsman Asbjorn Thrice-born gave them information about the question, and asked them to kill the Red Bear as payment for his help.

Garm the Red, the chieftain of the Enhyli received them with surprising friendliness, declaring that he had dreamed of standing guard at Yaneg’s marriage to Ernalda. The Enhyli agreed to forgo their anger over the raid in exchange for a promise to help weaken Delecti, and Garm gave them information about the quest as well.

Vestorfin Tribute-taker of the Black Spears was impressed that they were seeking to help another clan this way, and told them what he knew of the quest without asking anything in return.

Armed with the wyters of the Orlmarth and the Antorlings, the three of them started the quest, only to discover that the Clan-Making Stone, the traditional spot to start the quest, was also the stone that Rangoon had been sacrificing sheep to his chaotic god. So they start at the clan hall instead. They had trouble entering the quest until Lumpy suddenly died.

During the quest, they were forced to rescue Esra from a chaotic monster and had to recover Ernalda’s Chest of Treasures from Gagarth the Wild Hunter. They triumphed over the Night Clan, although Yaneg chose not to make a hero quest challenge.

When they returned, Maelwynndeclared that she was not a skilled leader and stepped down. The remnant of the ring selected Ragnar the Plowman to lead them.

Helping the Antorlings
Fire Season 1616

After telling Snorri and Gordanger that they suspect that Rangdan is a chaos-worshipper, the PCs spoke with Yanioth, who told them that if they wanted to find a worshipper of Ernalda the Earth Cleanser, they should look at the Greenstone Temple in the Orleving lands. They spoke with Vigundis WInedancer, who pressed them to abandon the alliance with the Antorlings and ally with the Konthasos instead. Then they went to the Antorling tula, where they discovered that the ring was quarreling about who to appoint as Lawspeaker. Rangdan’s cousin was the most appropriate candidate, since he worships Lankhor Mhy, but Theomakt wanted his brother, who was clearly unsuitable, and Maelwynn proposed the Plowman’s cousin. The ring asked for their help to resolve the dispute, and the PCS proposed that Sindri would sever the blood ties of whomever was chosen. Rangdan argued that was excessive.

The Doom of the Antorlings
Fire Season 1616

At the Antorling tula, after Sindri made his pronouncement of the Doom of the Antorlings, Theomakt the Clan Champion accused Cwenalda Brown Hare of worshipping chaos. The Brown Hares stormed out. Rangdan left for Clearwing Fort to fetch Howling Aethelmar, a Uroxi of the Narri clan who sits on the tribal ring. Sindri used his Raven spirit to find the recent dead, and the spirit discovered a tunnel into the ground on a remote part of the tula.

Eventually, Sindri, Tryggvi, Asta, and Yanioth went into the tunnel, along with Theomakt and the Antorling thanes, where they discovered a network of tunnels running under the tula. These tunnels were artificially made from strange unnatural stone. As they explored, they were attacked by a swarm of faceless six-legged chaos creatures. They drove the creatures off and decided to exit the tunnels.

They figured out that one of the tunnels led to the Brown Hare tula. Maelwynn wanted to search the Brown Hare stead but everyone waited until Rangdan returned with Aethelmar. At the Brown Hare stead, someone discovered a small shrine to the chaos demons hidden in the rafters of the cowbarn. Aethelmar declared that he could sense chaos and went berserk, killing several Brown Hares before Asta forced him out of his frenzy. Maelwynn declared that there was enough evidence to outlaw the Brown Hares and drive them from the clan permanently.

But Tryggvi figured out that the true source of corruption on the tula was actually Rangdan, whom the PCs now believe to be a chaos worshipper. Lumpy suggested it was because he was ambitious and wanted to rule the clan. She offered to murder him.

Asta and Yaneg also spoke with Maelwynn about the possibility of performing the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, in an attempt to overcome the disunity of the clan.

More Dealing with the Konthasos and Antorlings
Fire Season 1616

Tryggvi, Asta, and Sindri spoke with Snorri and his wife Morwynn. Morwynn told them that when the Antorlings were formed, it was a union of six separate bloodlines that had lost their clans. The founder, Antorlan, promised each bloodline would always have a seat on the clan ring, something that periodically caused disputes within the clan when someone stepped down from the ring.

She also said that Antorlan performed the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest to strengthen clan unity. For generations, every new chieftain performed the quest to renew the clan unity. But the quest had not been performed for several generations. Morwynn didn’t know why.

The three of them decided to speak with the Antorling ring. They traveled through the Colymar Wilds, but ran into an enormous boar that attacked. Sindri slew it, but Asta realized that the boar was sacred to Esrola and that to avoid the wrath of the goddess, it would be necessary to sacrifice it at the Esrola shrine on the Konthasos lands. While there, they encountered Vigundis Winedancer, who told them that she would be willing to ally with the Orlmarth if they would end the alliance with the Antorlings.

They also discussed hero questing with Ingund the White. She offered them some advice about the challenges of doing little-performed quests, including advice about preparatory rituals.

Then they traveled to the Antorling lands. They met Rangdan, who asked Tryggvi if he had reconsidered Rangdan’s quest. Tryggvi looked at his motives and saw that Rangdan was ambitious and had some degree of malice but Tryggvi was shocked to realize that he couldn’t see as much of his motive as he expected.

They met with the Antorling ring, and Asta formally apologized for the offense Tryggvi had caused earlier. Maelwynn accepted the apology and offered them a feast. During the feast, Tryggvi spoke with Cwenalda, the clan’s law speaker and headwoman of the Lunar bloodline. She told him that about 60 years ago, when a Vingan attempted to perform the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, she was ambushed by Gagarth the Wild Hunter and lost an eye. Since then, Gagarth has plagued the clan whenever someone attempts that quest. As a result, the clan has ceased to perform it, and their unity has suffered.

Then Sindri decided to use his Sense Doom ability to see if the Antorlings’ doom was close at hand. He stood up in the hall and loudly declared “I see the Doom of the Antorlings. I see corruption from within and evil from below. Beware the Faceless Maw!”

Dealing with the Antorlings and Konthasos

Early in 1617, word reached the Orlmarth that the Greydogs have been having trouble with Dragonewts raiding their herds. Also, the Holy Country seems to be descending into political chaos after the apparent destruction of the Pharaoh.

Tryggvi, Yaneg, and Yanioth took a trip for peace-making purposes. They stopped at Clearwine Temple where they met with Yanioth Brandgorsdottir. Tryggvi told her the myth of Ernalda and the Cleansing Earth, and they learned that it had a couple of important differences from the version of the myth that the Temple knew. Yanioth said that the quest had always been regarded as quite dangerous because many questers had failed to return from it, but Tryggvi’s version offered details that might make it safer to perform.

They discovered that Balthid, a member of the Antorling clan was spying on the Temple, because her bloodline had converted to the Lunar Way several years previously. They warned the Temple about this.

They continued on to the Konthasos lands, where they briefly met with Vigundis Winedancer and then had a more substantial talk with Ingund the White.

During that second conversation, the PCs were drawn into a hero quest being performed by Killer Branduan, whom Tryggvi theorized was trying to gain power over dragons to protect his clan from the Dragonewts. Brandaun was performing the How Orlanth Conquered the Stars quest, and the PCs wound up playing the role of Jagrekriand the Red and his companions. Rather than resist the situation, they chose to fight Orlanth/Branduan exactly as the myth said. They were soundly defeated and fell out of the quest.

Then they went to the Antorlings, and learned how poorly united the clan was. Maelwynn Treemother demanded that the Konthasos be excluded from the Orlmarth seasonal market because of their feud, and became upset when Yaneg refused to countenance that. In separate conversations, Rangdan suggested that Gisli Blacksheep could help the clan by murdering Maelwynn. The clan Champion openly mocked her. Lumpy apparently taught Gisli some Eurmali magic by skinning an alynx with him. Eventually, when Tryggvi bluntly confronted Maelwynn about her leadership failures, she revoked her hospitality and threw the PCs out of the hall.

Fighting the Draugr
Start of Fire Season 1616

In 1616, after Sindri and Tryggvi returned to the Six Stones Temple, having successfully completed the Humakt, Raven and Wolf Quest, there were only four days left before Mahomravrand, when Orane’s Spindle was needed to help hold the clan together. So the two of them set out with Yaneg and Yanioth to find the place where the draugr were buried.

They traveled to the Marshedge tula, where they met with Alfgar the Grim, the clan chieftain. After some discussion of their plans to try to cleanse Horalin and destroy the Blackthorn trees, he agreed to provide them with guides to the Marsh in exchange for a small payment.

Using Sindri’s new Raven spirit, they found the location of the battlefield and confronted the draugr, as well as the spirit of the Blackthorn tree. Although Sindri was defeated, Tryggvi was able to use his Know Weakness ability to learn how to permanently slay the three draugr, and they were able to do so. After Yanioth chopped down the tree, they found Orane’s Spindle tangled in its roots. They returned home and the clan was able to perform the proper rituals just in time.

Then they went to Swan and negotiated with the clan ring of the Hiordings to bring an end to the feud with between their two clans.

Tryggvi discovered the myth of Ernalda and the Cleansing Earth in his Book of Myths.


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