To Stand Against the Red Moon

Rumors 4

I can’t believe the Ring granted permission for that sorcerer to settle in our village. Gods preserve us from his evil!
—For me the worst part is all the goats he has. Filthy creatures! He was supposed to kill them all, but he’s insisting on killing them one at a time so as not to “waste the meat!” How can he even think of eating that crap?

Vaninna has continued being sweet on Rangdan. It’s absolutely shameless. No married woman should be doing the things she does.
—She told me that Alfstan beats her, and she’s only turned to Rangdan for comfort.
Well, Ragnar isn’t no gentle lover, that’s for sure. But it still doesn’t justify sullying the marriage bed. Ernalda will punish her for that.

I swear there’s a ghost down by the river! I saw it a few days ago as I was catching fish. He looked all bloody with half his head gone. Sure wasn’t no living man! I nearly fell out of me boat!
—Ah, you just need to stop drinking so much when you fish. It’s a wonder you haven’t drowned yourself already.

Sea Season 1615, cont.
Sea Season 1615

The PCs escorted Gringle and Piku to Old Man Village. After some debate, the ring decided to allow Piku to stay in Old Man Village, in exchange for a payment of one iron weapon and one iron tool every year. He was also required to exchange his goats for sheep.

The PCs escorted Gringle to Quackford, where he found a barge to take him and Quackjohn to Nochet in the Holy Country. In exchange, he gave them the Eye of the Halfbird as a payment for their efforts and gave them the Lead Grimoire to take to Minaryth Purple in Jonstown.

When the PCs walked past Sartar’s Bridge, the stone bowls burst into flame. Yaneg.prayed at the Ernalda temple and in response his mysterious tattoo began to throb. The priestess of the temple sent them to talk to Ralf Silktongue, who showed them that he keeps a small shrine to Orlanth and Sartar in the basement of the King’s Head Inn.

On the way to Jonstown, they were approached by a mysterious man named Redbird, who said he was a client of a powerful man (later revealed to be Prince Temertain) and who offered to purchase the Lead Grimoire. The PCs refused and took it to Jonstown as quickly as possible.

At Jonstown, Minaryth Purple was excited to receive the Lead Grimoire and told the PCs that he was deeply in their debt. In the ensuing conversation, he helped them realize that their great-grandmother Cwenthryth, wife of Ulfilas the Wanderer, was the daughter of Eonislara Cat-Dancer, who was herself a member of the Royal House of Sartar. Therefore the PCs and the other members of Ulfiling bloodline are among the last descendants of Sartar and thus have a claim on the throne of Sartar. He emphasized that this is very dangerous knowledge.

The PCs decided to give the Eye of the Halfbird to the clan. Thus it currently belongs to the clan regalia.

Saving Gringle
Sea Season 1615

The winter of Storm Season 1614 stretched into Sea Season 1615. On Plow Day, it began to snow and a group of Hollri ice demons attacked the tula, but were forced off. On Sword Day, the clan re-enacted Orlanth defeating Vadrus, to force Valind to submit to the proper cycle of seasons. This too was disrupted by Hollri and a manifestation of Valind, but the clan was able to complete the ritual successfully, with the result that the weather immediately began to warm.

Then Gordanger returned from a meeting of the Tribal Ring and said that King Kangharl had declared Gringle Goodsell of Apple Lane an outlaw and ordered him killed. Gordanger ordered Sindri, Asta, Tryggvi, Yaneg, and Yanioth to go to Apple Lane immediately and warn and protect Gringle.

Stopping over at Asbjorn’s Stead, they learned that the Red Bear was growing stronger and that more of the Taralings were converting to the Lunar Way.

At Apple Lane, they found Gringle early in the morning. He was baffled by the news that he was being outlawed, but theorized that perhaps Kangharl was hoping to take one of his few remaining great treasures: the Iron Cardinal’s Egg, the Eye of the Half-bird, and the Lead Scroll of Arkat.

Then a group of Taralings arrived, led by Darsten Black Oak and a Lunar sorceress, Erianda the Red. The PCs fought them off and captured the sorceress, rendering her unconscious. Gringle decided to hire the characters to escort him and his duck servant to Quackford, where he could hire a barge that would get him to Esrolia, far away from the Lunars.

The wagon train was accompanied by Piku of the Third Eye Blue Tribe, a sorcerous blacksmith. They returned to Asbjorn’s Stead.

Rumors 3

The omens during the Sacred Time weren’t very good this year. Snorri said he saw a shadow fall across the tula, like a great dark figure walking over the hills. It took the children way longer to find Voria on Voria’s Day than is normal, and one girl got lost.

Finna Finnsdottir came to visit before the Sacred Time. She said that the Lunar Way is spreading among the Taralings, since Kangharl Blackmoor has become king. At least two of their five bloodlines have fully embraced the Shepelkirt. Kangharl’s household regularly hosts Lunar missionaries. And many of the clan’s members say that the Red Bear is proof that the Red Goddess is more powerful than Orlanth. Only Asbjorn and his bloodline have remained entirely loyal to Orlanth. He worries about violence within the clan, which would be a great disaster.

“Old Nanny Tova is talking in her sleep a lot.”
“No surprise that. The old biddy hasn’t been right in her head for a long time.”
“Yeah, but she leads the rituals of Ty Kora Tek. What if the Goddess is speaking through her.”
“[Laughs] Most days it’s a miracle if Nanny Tova speaks through Nanny Tova. She barely knows what she’s saying on her good days, much less when she drowses.”
“Oh, show a little more respect for the woman. She’s older than you will ever be and she’s lived through a lot. And she used to be the Ernalda priestess.”

Redleafs—What are Sindri and Rahl and Tryggvi up to in the woods all the time? I swear I see them there almost every week! Whatever it is, it’s definitely no good. Those Ulfilings are nothing but trouble!

Players can submit an IBT that represents what they were doing over the end of Storm Season, the Sacred Time, and early Sea Season.

Journey to Fire Top
Storm Season 1614

Sindri, Tryggvi, and Asta, went back to Osric Spark-and-Fire with the information from Nymie and, in exchange, Osric initiated Sindri into the sub cult of Ingenew Redson. Sindri also made the dragonewt skin he had into Dragonewt Skin Armor.

The three of them then decided to journey to Fire Top to collect Vestkarthen’s Fire, so that they could reforge the Summer Sword. They went to Jonstown, where Sindri bought a lump of iron and Tryggvi sought information about Maran’s Maw.

Then they went to Dangerford, where they stayed at Geo’s Creek Inn. Upon entering Sindri was once against asked if he was a Friend of Sartar, although Asta and Tryggvi were not. Sindri spoke with Broyan No-Son, gifted him with the lump of iron, and received some guidance on reforging the Summer Sword.

At the Maran Gor temple, Asta negotiated with Arlensul the Dark, priestess of Maran Gor, and got permission to Maran’s Maw. After they went into the Fire Top volcano, they fought a fish that swam in the lava. Sindri killed it and took it out, along with a bucketful of Vestkarthen’s Fire.

When they exited the Maw, they were confronted with a patrol of Fire Top Yelmalions, but Asta skillfully negotiated with them and wound up laying the foundations for a good relationship between the Orlmarth and the Fire Tops. Then the characters returned home. They chose to not reforge the Summer Sword yet, deciding that they might want to reforge it as part of a hero quest.

Many small things
Earth Season 1614

In Earth Season of 1614, the clan ring debated whether to support the Duck Hunt. Godric argued that the clan needed more wealth and that hunting ducks might be way to get some. But the ring was skeptical of that, and eventually decided to launch a raid on the Enhyli, who were hunting ducks. Gordanger suggested that this might be presented to the Arnorings as active support for the ducks. The raid itself, which happened in Storm Season, was successful and netted a small profit.

In Dark Season,Finn Ulfilingsson died. He talked with Rahl and made him swear to become a greater man than he currently was. Then he dismissed Rahl and talked with Fintan Finnson, although Fintan has not said what they discussed. Finn died afterwards.

In the Sacred Time, Tryggvi traveled to Jonstown and became a devotee of Lhankor Mhy. He briefly met Minaryth Purple.

During the Mahomrevrand festival in 1615, the women of the clan undertook the Spindle Ritual, and after some debate, decided to make a tapestry of Ernalda Returning from the Underworld.

Asta, Tryggvi, Sindri, and Rahl decided to travel to Dangerford to find someone who could reforge the Summer Sword, but after stopping at the Namolding tula, they were asked by Ragnar Two-Tongues to help negotiate peace with the Orleving clan, which they did successfully, although they got the feeling that Ragnar might have been manipulating them and the Orlevings.

While at the Orleving tula, Sindri met Osric Spark-and-Fire, a Humakti smith and member of the Ingenew Redson sub cult. He agreed to teach Sindri the secrets of the sub cult if Sindri performed the Hero and the Grove quest to get information for the Orlevings about what their clan has been plagued by ogres.

So Sindri, Tryggvi, and Rahl went to Clearwine Fort, initiated the quest, and traveled to the Colymar Wilds. Tryggvi agreed to worship a Fox Spirit in order to get help finding Tarndisi’s Grove. Tarndisi asked them to confront the chaos that was poisoning her woods, and they fought and killed a group of ogres.

Sindri asked Nymie why ogres plagued the Orlevings, and received the answer that a skull was still hidden on their tula and was hungering. Tryggvi asked how he could use his Sunflower, and got the answer “If you sacrifice it to the gods it is aligned to, they will be pleased. If you converse with it, its spirit will give you aid. If you meditate on it, it will show you the world’s power. If you evoke the first principles, it will respond.” Rahl asked how he could become greater than he is, and Nymie responded “At Ernalda’s feast, you will receive your answer. You must complete the trials you are given.”

Rumors 2

—Someone must have bribed Henkist Coin-in-the-Hand to speak against Leika Ballista. You really can’t trust those Issarions. They’ll do anything to make money, and Henkist is worse than most.
—I heard a rumor that he had secretly converted to the worship of the Shepelkirt. Why else would he help a Lunar become king?
—What I want to know is why Gordanger didn’t do something. If the Orlmarth had rallied to the Black Spear right away, other clans would have supported us. Do you suppose the Lunars could have bribed Gordanger?

—The Enhyli have embraced the Duck Hunt. They raided the Marshedge last week and killed more than a dozen ducks! It will be a wonder of Ernalda herself if that doesn’t lead to a feud.
—Well, good riddance to those feathered pests. I can’t imagine why the Marshedge shelter them.
—It’s not that strange. You know that the Arnorings used to have ducks too, until the Lunars forced them to let Quackford become an independent town.
—Wait, you’re using the Arnorings as an example of the right way to do something? Those pot-making fools couldn’t follow Orlanth’s ways if Vinga herself gave them a map.
—They’re refusing to hunt ducks, even though they’re desperate for money. I don’t like the ducks, but I can admire the Arnorings for supporting their old allies.
—Hhmpf! You’re only saying that because your mother’s sister married one.

—The Lunars actually turned control of Sartar over to Prince Temertain! That governor, Euglyctus or whatever he’s called, had been summoned back to the Empire.
—Maybe Temertain will unify us and throw out the Lunars!

Players may submit a between-time action. Also, what do players want to do at the next session, which will be set in 1614?

Fighting Malia
Fire Season 1613

Rahl, Dagmar, and Tryggvi were asked by Fintan Finnsson to investigate the disappearance of some sheep from Voriof’s Sheep-pen. Up at the Sheep-pen, they were told that 7 or 8 sheep had vanished, apparently overnight. Tryggvi noticed a woodpecker perched on a tree on the Hillhaven side of the Roofbeam and decided it was a sign from the Orlmarth clan wyter. They found some irregular sheep-hoof prints and followed them into the woods.

They encountered a shaman whom they eventually learned was Bofrost, the clan chieftain of the Hillhaven clan. He cryptically gave them directions and a stick carved with runes. Deeper in the woods, they found a ravine with a number of distressed animals, including a Orlmarth sheep, and eventually concluded that the creatures were the victims of Broos, chaotic creatures that impregnate their victims.

After killing the animals and burning the carcasses, they explored a cave and found a group of Broos performing a ritual to summon a spirit of Malia, the spirit/goddess of disease. They used the stick to kill most of the broos and stop the summoning, but the lead broo, who was hairless and diseased, was able to flee.

Bofrost explained that the cave had been used a long time ago to summon a great evil. (Snorri later explained that this was probably Mad Ovad, a long-ago chieftain of the Hillhavens). He asked them to participate in a ritual in which they gambled with spirits. They won a number of spirit charms. He told them that they would meet first as friends, then as clients, and then as enemies.

In Fire Season, the clan journeyed to Clearwine Fort for the coronation of Leika Ballista as Queen of the Colymar. Rahl impressed a group of poets with his own poetry, and Tryggvi met Elmulf the Walker, a Lhankor Mhy Wild Sage.

At the inauguration, the tribal Goodvoice, Henkist Coin-in-the-Hand, demanded that Leika show the tribal the Ring of Friendship, part of the tribal regalia, and Leika confessed that it had been stolen from her. Snorri reluctantly declared that according to clan law, she had harmed the tribe, was no longer an acceptable ruler, and would have to go into exile. In the ensuing uproar, Kangharl Kagradusson declared that he was the new king, and that he had negotiated with the Lunar governor for a reduction of the tribal taxes. The Black Spears declared that he was King Blackmor (an ancient insult meaning that he had behaved without honor), and left the tribal hall, taking the sacred Black Spear with them, saying that he should come take it if he could.

Several days later, at an Orlmarth clan moot, Gordanger explained that a hurried meeting of various tribal leaders had agreed to not oppose Kangharl, for the following reasons:

1) Kangharl is one of the most powerful warriors in the tribe, and he and his clan are willing to fight for his claim to the throne. In particular, the Varmandi and the Konthasos refused to oppose Kangharl because it would lead to war.
2) Several clans, include the Arnorings, the Enhyli, and the Konthasos, supported Kangharl because of the promise of lower taxes.
3) The Hiordings supported him because their clan is closely allied with the Taralings.
4) The Narri refused to commit to either side.
5) Only the Black Spears were willing to explicitly oppose him, while the Ernaldori and Gordanger discretely opposed him. Gordanger, Snorri, and Morganeth agreed that in such a situation, prudence dictated that they not openly provoke violence.

Taking Enderin to Swordvale
Fire Season 1613

Tryggvi, Sindri, and Asta were asked by Gordanger to escort his son Enderin to Swordvale to woo Thanos’ daughter Salyn, since Thanos had indicated that he might be open to such an alliance.

The PCs and Enderin started across the Roofbeam, but discovered that the Dragonewt Plinth was glowing and making a strange sound. Asta tried to influence it with her Earth magic, but only succeeded in causing two dragonewts to suddenly appear (prompting characters to speculate that perhaps the dragonnewts use the plinths to travel). A fight ensued during which Enderin killed the smaller dragonewt and Sindri the larger one. Remember that he had heard something about making armor from dragonewts, Sindri skinned both of them and gave the heads to Enderin. Tryggi acquired a living sunflower from the smaller newt.

At Swordvale they helped Enderin court Salyn, who seemed disinterested in him. That evening, she disappeared from the hall. An investigation eventually revealed that she might have fled to a forgotten temple of Babeester Gor. Asta went into the old temple and found Arda Wombguard attempted to initiate Salyn into the worship of Babeester Gor. Asta was able to persuade Salyn to not intervene and the two left, with Arda swearing her hatred of Asta.

Back at Swordvale, Salyn underwent her adulthood rituals and emerged a confident young woman, who seemed to accept the possibility of her betrothal to Enderin.

Back at Old Man Village, one dragonewt skull was placed in the shrine to Orlanth, while the other was placed in the clan hall.

Rumors 1
After the Trip to Runegate

—Did you hear that King Thanos is planning to attack the Greydogs to punish Killer Branduan for breaching Thanos’ hospitality?
—Nonsense! The two clans are closely allied. There’s no way that Thanos would do that.
—Then why is he so interested in making nice with us all of sudden.
—It’s probably just those damn Ulfilings exaggerating things again. You can’t trust most of them, you know.

—I’m always glad when I’m done patrolling Voriof’s Sheepfold. All the mist up there is a little creepy. And they lost a couple sheep this week.
—Probably stolen by the Greydogs, damn their eyes.

—The Lunars have declared that the ducks are the reason that Starbrow rebelled. They’re offering a bounty on every duck brought in, dead or alive!

—Everyone is wondering if Vininna isn’t getting a little too friendly with Rangdan. It’s shameless the way she flirts with him!
—She’s a married woman! Ernalda will punish them both if they violate the marriage bed!


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