Yanioth Yrnar's-Fury


Yanioth is the daughter of Ulfin Ulfketilsson and Leifa Clearwater (of the Ernaldori clan). She was named for Yanioth Brandigorsdottir. She and her brother Yaneg were left orphans when their parents were killed by the Lunars during the Hartfall Massacre on the Ernaldori tula. She grew up hating Lunars passionately.

Her adulthood rites were uncertain, but soon afterward she encountered a pair of Lunars joking about having abused a Sartarite slave woman. In a berserk fury she grabbed a rock and killed them both. After that, Morganeth Whiteye sent her to Clearwine Temple to be initiated as a Babeester Gori.

In 1619, she fought Yrnar Horsebreaker to avenge the death of his wife Tyrelia. She defeated and castrated him. As a result, she has become known as Yanioth Yrnars-Fury


Yanioth Yrnar's-Fury

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