Yaneg Ulfinsson


Yaneg is the son of Ulfin, the middle son of Ulfketil UIfilasson, who founded Ulfketil’s Stead. Ulfin and his wife Leifa Clearwater (of the Ernaldori) were killed by the Lunars in the Hartfall Massacre on the Ernaldori tula in 1605. As a result, he grew up resenting the Lunars, though not as passionately as his sister Yanioth.

In his adulthood rites he was called by Orlanth and Yinkin and initiated into both cults. Since then he has become a respected hunter within the clan.

At the urging of Ulfar Ulfketilsson, he accepted Gisli Blacksheep as a bondsman.


Yaneg Ulfinsson

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