Snorri the Farsighted

Orlmarth Lawspeaker


Snorri is the Lawspeaker of the Orlmarths and headman of the Grettirings, as well as Lawspeaker of the Colymar tribe. He is widely respected for his thorough knowledge of Orlanth’s law and the tribe’s law. He hates the Lunars passionately, having lost his father, brother, and son to them in battle. Nevertheless he is a very prudent man, and has generally argued that the time for rebellion against the Lunars is not right. It was his arguments that kept Gordanger from actively supporting Starbrow’s Rebellion, and the wisdom of the choice has generally strengthened his position on the ring. He and Beornwyn often find themselves on opposites of arguments.

He is Tryggvi’s mentor. His wife Morwynn is the sister of Maelwynn Treemother, chieftain of the Antorlings.


Snorri the Farsighted

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