Ralf Silktongue

Owner of the King's Head Inn


Ralf Silktongue is the owner of the King’s Head Inn in Quackford. He is a middle-aged Issarion and former member of the Arnoring clan, like the many of the other residents of Quackford. He is definitely a duckfriend and dislikes the Lunars. He maintains a secret shrine to Sartar in the basement of the Inn.

Sindri met him during a visit to Quackford.

Late in 1616, Tryggvi, Yaneg, Yanioth, and Veslmus spoke with him and revealed that they are descended from Sartar. He revealed that his is a priest of Sartar and taught them a few rituals they could perform to worship Sartar. He told them that there are many who still support Sartar, but they are afraid of the Lunars and cannot easily contact Sartar.


Ralf Silktongue

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