Overovash Assiday

Lunar Tax Collector


Overovash is an obese Lunar tax collector. He is a member of the Assiday family from Raibanth, and a cousin of Euglyptus the Fat, the former Lunar governor of Sartar. He is a greedy, rapacious man, interested in squeezing out as much money from his tax district as possible. He replaced Gringle Goodsell as the official tax collector of the Colymar tribe. Whenever he travels, he does so in a covered litter accompanied by a troop of mercenaries (always at least 20). As a member of the Third Bridge Latifundia Association, he resides at the Lunar Slave Farm in the Nymie Valley most of the time, and is functionally in charge of it.

He showed up during the Wedding of Salyn and Enderin and claimed part of the dowry as tax.


Overovash Assiday

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