Muirwynn Lovejoy

Traveling priestess of Uleria


Muirwynn Lovejoy is a traveling priestess of Uleria. She is in her mid-40s, and was obviously a ravishingly beautiful woman when she was younger; now, she is very attractive, but more mature-looking, with reddish-blonde hair. She and her two supporters, Magda and Hilderund, travel around Sartar offering their services of life and harmony to the Sartarites. These services including community entertainment, blessings of fertility on land, livestock, and family, and sexual pleasure. Their sexual services are not illegal except for married men, but many Sartarite women are uncomfortable with their presence. They are more likely to be found in urban centers than on clan tulas.

Muirwynn’s wagon came through Old Man Village in Fire Season 1615, performing a Ulerian quest to grant pleasure to as many people as possible in a set period of time. During this ritual, Enderin slept with Magda and fell in love with her, as the result of Ulerian magic that Magda had been bribed by Brigpice of the Greydogs to perform. The PCs had to chase after the Ulerians and persuade Enderin to return to the clan so he could marry Salyn of the Goodswords.

Yaneg flirted with her, with a promise of more to come at a later date. He met her again in 1617 in Jonstown.


Muirwynn Lovejoy

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