Minaryth Purple

Powerful Lhankor Mhyte sage


Minaryth Purple is a very old, but surprisingly spry scholar of Lhankor Mhy, known both for his immense body of knowledge and his dressing all in purple. He also possesses a Lawstaff, relic of a powerful hero quest. He was a supporter of Starbrow’s Rebellion and was exiled, but managed to win a pardon from Governor Euglyptus the Fat with a poem praising him. He resides at the Jonstown Library, but is not always present there.

Gringle asked the PCs to bring him the Lead Grimoire of Arkat, an important text on hero questing. During the conversation that followed, he helped them realize that they are in fact descended from the House of Sartar.

Later he told the PCs about the meaning of their Mysterious Tattoo, explaining that it means that they are members of the House of Sartar.


Minaryth Purple

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