Maelwynn Treemother

Former Cheiftain of the Antorlings


Maelwynn Treemother is the Ernalda Woman and Chieftain of the Antorling clan. She is considered a powerful priestess, but lacks many of the political skills to govern effectively. She is brash and domineering, and tends to govern by intimidation. The clan’s Champion openly mocks her and Rangdan the Rainman, the clan’s Heleri, has discretely asked Tryggvi if Gisli Blacksheep would murder her to help the clan. She loathes Vigundis Winedancer and seems unwilling to abandon the long-runnig feud between the two clans.

After Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi performed the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest on behalf of the Antorlings, she stepped down as chieftain and is now simply the clan’s Ernalda Woman.

Maelwynn’s sister Morwynn is married to Snorri, the Orlmarth Lawspeaker..


Maelwynn Treemother

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