Kangharl Kagradusson

King of the Colymar


Kangharl is a great warrior of the Taraling clan, and its clan champion. He was once a Uroxi warrior, but after the defeat of Starbrow’s Rebellion, he abandoned the way of Orlanth and Ernalda in favor of the Lunar Way. He is now reputed to keep a Lunar sorcerer in his household. When Leiki Ballista was away in Snakepipe Hollow on her Queen Test, he rules the Taralings.

He is known to like flattery, poetry, and gifts.

The PCs have met him once, and he offered them limited hospitality and kind words.

Now he has become the King of the Colymar. Some, including the PCs, suspect him in the disappearance of the Ring of Friendship, which prevented Leika from becoming queen. He has been favorable to the Lunars in fairly obvious ways. In 1616, he declared the worship of Orlanth outlawed, extending a ban that had already been in place in other tribes.

The Black Spear clan has openly defied him since his accession to the kingship, and refuse to entrust him with the Black Spear.


Kangharl Kagradusson

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