Kallvale the Sow

Priestess at Runegate


Kallvale the Sow is the Ernaldan priestess of Runegate, as well as the Ernalda Woman of the Taralings. She is a kinswoman of Asbjorn Thriceborn, having married his cousin. She is originally from the Narri.

She is a large, fertile woman with many children. She is not an ardent supporter of the Lunars and how far she supports Kangharl is unclear.

She hosted Yaneg after he fell out of the Humakt, Raven, and Wolf quest.

When Kangharl is away from the tula, as he usually is, she functions as his deputy in formal matters, such as clan moots. However she dwells at Runegate and so is not available on a moment’s notice.


Kallvale the Sow

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