Gringle Goodsell

Respected Merchant


Gringle Goodsell is an Esrolian merchant living in Apple Lane, where he runs his famous pawnshop. He is an older now, perhaps in his late 50s, tall and thin, and looking care-worn and slightly haggard. He is attended by Quackjohn, a duck personal servant.

He is a well-respected figure in Sartar, one of the wealthiest men in the region. He rather reluctantly agreed to sit on the High Council of Sartar during Starbrow’s Rebellion. Afterward, he agreed to be a tax farmer for the Lunars, a choice that has made him rather unpopular with the Malani tribe.

He is known to be an excellent bargainer, and there are rumors that he has hero-quested.

In Sea Season of 1615, Kangharl declared him an outlaw for uncertain reasons and sent a group of Taralings led by Darsten Black Oak to arrest him. Sindri, Asta, Tryggvi, Yaneg and Yanioth intervened and rescued him and escorted him south.


Gringle Goodsell

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